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A New Atheist Billboard?

Yesterday’s Kentucky Enquirer newspaper included an article about our new billboard campaign (“To All Of Our Atheist Friends—Thank God You’re Wrong”).  You can read the article at this link.

I have written a previous blog post about that campaign, …

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Dragons Everywhere!

Before I left for Australia, I was interviewed by a reporter with the well-trafficked website, the Christian Post—after Post editors had noticed that a major Associated Press story was circulating about new attractions at our Creation Museum, especially  the new …

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Yet More Major Media Coverage!

We continue to add fantastic new exhibits to the Creation Museum. Some are considered world-class by accepted museum standards. So it’s not surprising that the world’s media continue to cover the museum, even six years after its opening.

The major …

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“Found Out” by the Huffington Post!

Well, I have a confession to make to you. The large liberal news and commentary website Huffington Post, through its clever investigative efforts, has discovered something startling about me. Now, because HuffPost has made this matter public, I have no …

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It’s Both Good and Bad

Almost every day I could write a blog item about a media interview that I have conducted over the phone or done in person at the Creation Museum. Some of these interviews are so interesting that I like to …

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Can “Christianity Today’s” Research Be Trusted?

It’s the magazine that describes itself as the publication “Christian leaders everywhere trust.” Well, we’ll put that claim to the test in an instance that involves AiG, our Creation Museum, and the future Ark Encounter.

In the current …

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More Media Coverage of the Museum

The Creation Museum has been open now for six years (incredible to believe), and one thing that continues to surprise me is the number of media representatives who continue to drop by. Recently, it was an international reporter with the

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Creation Museum a Threat Down Under?

Well, it looks like there are some secularists who are once again worried about the impact of our ministry! In a recent opinion piece titled “Monkey Business,” which appeared in an Australian newspaper, writer Ian Henschke expressed his …

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Will Bill Nye Publicly Debate an AiG Scientist About His Public Comments Against Creation?

As many of you know, Bill Nye (called the “Science Guy” from PBS-TV) had a video on YouTube that has received millions of views—mainly the result of front-page promotion by much of the secular media giants (ABC-TV, CBS-TV,, etc.). …

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We Are Publicly Challenging Bill Nye to a Debate

You may have been following the fascinating YouTube exchange involving TV personality Bill Nye (of the PBS–TV series for young people called Bill Nye the Science Guy) and our AiG ministry. After AiG had posted two YouTube rebuttals to …

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