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How Did Snakes Get Their Venomous Bite?

Mohave rattlesnake

Image credit: by Lvthn13 via Wikimedia Commons

If God called His creation “very good,” then why does it include dangerous venomous snakes today? Are secular researchers on the right track as they examine the snake genome in order …

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The Templeton Connection

What’s the connection between the John Templeton Foundation and once-famous evangelist Charles Templeton, other than the last names?

John Templeton Foundation

Well, the John Templeton Foundation is a fund that seeks to be “a philanthropic catalyst for discoveries relating to …

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The Devolution of a Creationist

Recently a blog post appeared on the BioLogos website (an organization that promotes compromising Genesis with millions of years and evolution, and spreads that message to the church) written by a recent homeschool graduate who describes his switch from accepting …

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Some Ramblings from Down Under

My wife and I arrived in Brisbane, Australia on November 14 (we are visiting aged parents in ill health), the day before the G20 Summit that was held in Brisbane. President Obama, along with leaders from several other countries (including …

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How Biblical Will “Exodus” Be?

Another Bible-themed movie is coming out of Hollywood soon (December 12). Exodus: Gods and Kings is about Moses and the flight of the Israelite slaves from Egypt. In a blog I wrote in July, I expressed my doubt that Exodus

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Biblical Creation Is Like Star Trek

I’ve got good news for you Star Trek TV/movie fans—biblical creation is just like Star Trek! Well, not really, but that’s what a blogger with Patheos would like us to believe.

Fred Clark writes that when we watch or read …

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Remembering Those Who Gave Their Lives

Remembering Veterans Day at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum

Today is Veterans Day in the United States, and we want to say thank you to all those who have served or who are serving in the US Armed …

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Should a Bible Museum Serve Only “Eden Food”?

Construction on a new Bible museum in Washington, DC, has begun and will attempt to show the “impact, history, and narrative” of the Bible. This museum, founded by the president of Hobby Lobby, Steve Green, is expected to open in …

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Exciting Re-release and Special Offer!

We’re excited to announce the re-release of the two-book set by AiG’s own Dr. Andrew Snelling, Earth’s Catastrophic Past. This work is an update and follow-up to the classic The Genesis Flood by Dr. Henry Morris, and it’s a …

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There’s Still Time to Register for College Expo 2014

Many Christian colleges in the United States are compromising the biblical principles to which they supposedly adhere in exchange for worldly viewpoints—particularly in the book of Genesis. This compromise is a biblical authority undermining issue that permeates much of the …

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