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Creation Vacation at the Grand Canyon


Every year we are excited to partner with Canyon Ministries of Arizona to provide unforgettable raft trips down the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River and through America’s biggest whitewater. AiG speakers—like Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Danny Faulkner, and Dr. …

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Dispelling Ark Encounter Myths through Letters to the Editor

We have spent countless hours attempting to correct many secular media outlets and bloggers in their incorrect reporting on our Ark Encounter project. It’s always good to learn of instances in which our ministry friends go to bat for us, …

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Testing Evolution Shows that Evolution Fails!

Testing Evolution: Exposing Flaws

In the Answers in Genesis web store, you’ll find many excellent resources that will equip you and your family to respond to the claims raised by skeptics. One of our newest resources to distribute is Testing Evolution: Exposing Flaws with

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Unexpected Message in an Unexpected Place

John Mackay

While I am in Australia to visit family, I have asked some of our staff members to file reports for me that I could share with you in this space. The following was written by my brother Steve, who, …

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The Consequences of Compromise

You know, I’ve said many times before that without a firm foundation in the authority of God’s Word and strong teaching in apologetics, many of our children will leave the church by the time they reach college age. Well, David …

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Celebrating My Best-known Book, The Lie: Evolution

Twenty-five years ago, my  book The Lie: Evolution was published, and God has blessed it over the years. This book has become a bestseller—over 450,000 copies sold! And this year, as I’ve mentioned on my Facebook page already, I decided …

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One Way to Counter the Genesis Deniers

I have written numerous blog posts and Facebook comments recently about the attack on Genesis from the secular world, from Bill Nye to Lawrence Krauss. Coming from the Christian world, there have also been attacks on the Bible’s first …

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Drowning Atheists?

Recently, a post on the Atheistic Thoughts blog included a comment about me that is both blatantly untrue and highly defamatory. The author wrote the following:

For those who don’t know, Ken Ham has made comments that atheists should have

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Honoring Two Great Men of God

This year is the 50th anniversary of the publication of the book The Genesis Flood, co-authored by Dr. John Whitcomb and Dr. Henry Morris.  This is the book that really started a new “reformation”—a movement to call church and …

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Seminary Professor Demonstrates Her Fallible Research in Attacking God’s Word

I am continually amazed at the poor research skills seen in many academics who rail against the Creation Museum. In the latest of attacks on those who believe in a literal Adam and Eve and a literal Genesis (as …

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