How Far Did You Travel?

More than half of our Creation Museum guests travel more than 300 miles to visit!

Since we opened the Creation Museum in May 2007, millions of people have come to tour the museum and its beautiful gardens, and most of …

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Boy, Girl, or “Purple Penguin”?

According to news reports (including on Fox News yesterday), a school district in Lincoln, Nebraska has recently given its teachers a handout to promote gender inclusiveness in their classrooms. This handout encourages teachers to stop referring to students as “girls …

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Evolution—A Proven Fact?

I am constantly amazed when I see claims like this one:

If someone asks, “Do you believe in evolution?,” they are framing it wrong. That’s like asking, “Do you believe in blue?”

You see, “Evolution is a fact!” is the …

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Black Holes: Real or Imaginary? A Problem of Observational vs. Historical Science

Black holes form the background in many science fiction stories. But black holes are not fictional. A black hole, as you probably know, is so massive and dense that even light cannot escape from its enormous gravity, so it is …

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Supreme Court and Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is back in the headlines. On Monday the media reported that the U.S. Supreme Court has effectively endorsed same-sex marriage by not hearing appeals from states wanting to prohibit it:

The Supreme Court on Monday turned away appeals

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Answers VBS 2015: Camp Kilimanjaro

Camp Kilimanjaro Logo

For the last seven years we have put out a high-quality—and now quite popular—Vacation Bible School (VBS) program that teaches children to love Jesus and to defend their faith. Like all AiG resources, it has an emphasis on biblical authority, …

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Scientific American Anti-Creationist Rant

Scientific American science blogger, Dana Hunter, recently wrote, “These creationists have a distressing tendency to lie by omission, trying to lure actual geologists into associating with them by pretending they’re legit, and then telling their fundamentalist flocks they’ve presented …

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Meet Me in Maryland


If you live in the area of Washington, DC, make sure you register for an event coming to a church nearby. On Saturday, October 18, I will be giving two presentations and a Q & A session at Severn Christian …

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The Uniqueness of Man

Uniqueness of Man

During my debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” earlier this year, I highlighted several scientists who are also creationists. One of these scientists was Dr. Stuart Burgess, professor of engineering design at the University of Bristol in the …

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“Why Does Creationism Matter So Much?”

Recently Andrew Brown, a blogger with the UK’s The Guardianasked the question, “Why does creationism matter so much?” He claims that the creation/evolution debate is such an emotional topic because those who deny evolution are throwing away …

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