Visitors Galore!

Subash Pradhan

Last week, we had a number of international visitors in what was one of our busiest weeks in the past seven years at the Creation Museum (over 15,000 visitors Saturday–Saturday). Guests included a Christian academic, Subash Pradhan of Nepal Baptist …

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How to Ruin What Should Have Been a Great News Report on the Ark Project

Our local area Channel 12 sent a reporter out to the Ark Encounter property this past Friday to do an update on the Ark project. The reporter did a good job, and there are some great shots of the Ark …

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An Update on the Ark Project Live on Crosstalk Today

At 3 PM (ET) today, I will be on the live radio program Crosstalk, with VCY America Network in Milwaukee. The one-hour program will be divided into two segments:

  1. A 30-minute interview with me about the latest attacks against

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Most Illogical

It really pays to have a sense of humor in this ministry! I must admit, some of the secularists are very creative in the ways they distort what we’ve written (or said) in their attempts to attack our credibility. In …

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It’s Encouraging and Discouraging

Yes—it’s an encouragement that crowds continue to flock to the Creation Museum, as they have done in the past for more than seven years since our 2007 opening. We had over 2,000 visitors at the Creation Museum yesterday! We received …

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Historic Moment for the Ark Encounter

Ken with scraper

It was an historic moment yesterday, as the first of the many pieces of heavy equipment were being delivered to the Ark Encounter site for the construction to begin in earnest. Here I am standing beside one of the many …

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Apologetics Teaching Growing in Brazil

Ken Ham with Tassos Lycurgo

It was good to welcome Brazilian attorney and biblical apologist Tassos Lycurgo to our offices as the World Cup soccer tournament—played in his native country—was winding down. He is a teacher in Brazil and also has a ministry called “Defesa …

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Another Anti-Creation Museum, Anti-Ark Blitz!

Well, it’s on again! When we announced several years ago that the Creation Museum’s construction was moving ahead, secularists attacked our efforts. Well, it’s happening again with the Ark Encounter as it moves ahead! The intolerant secularists have been writing …

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Human Evolution—Just More Fictional Storytelling

Biblical creationists can show that the study of genetics confirms that there are distinct kinds of animals. The Human Genome Project confirmed one race of humans, as biblical creationists predicted, based on the Bible’s account of the creation of one …

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AiG Reaching into Washington, DC!


The nation’s capital features one of the leading atheistic evolutionary museums in the world: the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

Because millions of people visit Washington, DC, each year, we decided to reach into this influential city and let people know …

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