“We’ll find a new earth within 20 years”

Update: Since secularists and some media outlets have been falsely accusing me of saying space aliens are going to hell as a result of this post, please read my response here.

I’m shocked at the countless hundreds of millions …

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BBC Staff Told Not to Represent “Marginal Views” on Science Programs

First the United Kingdom bans the teaching of creation in schools, and now the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Trust prevents BBC journalists from fairly representing views on its science programs. According to a recent report in the UK’s Telegraph

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Loss of Religious Freedom in the USA

I have been saying for years that the topics of creation, evolution, and the age of earth all relate to an authority issue: who is the ultimate authority in this world, God or man?  It’s the battle that has …

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The Fugitive for Faith—The New Film Persecuted

Some AiG supporters have been asking if we would be commenting on a film that releases nationwide this afternoon titled Persecuted. One of our staff members saw a preview of Persecuted last night, and has filled me in on it.…

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Proposed Abortion Bill May Lift Bans of Late-Term Abortions

According to a Fox News report, the Democrats in the U.S. Senate are discussing an abortion bill “that would override the laws banning late-term abortions and imposing regulations on abortion clinics in an increasing number of states.” This bill …

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Children’s Ministry Accused of Psychologically Damaging Children

Secularists are attacking a major Christian ministry for telling children they are sinners, as reported by Christian Today. Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) has been evangelizing children for more than 75 years through various means, the most notable being its Good …

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Join Us Tonight—Special Live-Stream Event with Archaeologist Henry Smith


Tonight Answers magazine readers will get another opportunity to talk with an author about an article in our family-friendly magazine Answers.

At 7:00 PM (Eastern Time), you can join Henry Smith Jr., an archaeologist with the Associates for Biblical …

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Government Museum Promotes Religion

In running a Christian ministry and having lived in America since 1987, I continue to hear a lot about the U.S. Supreme Court’s idea of (so-called) separation of church and state—a phrase that is not in the U.S. Constitution. …

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Church-Sponsored Evolution Camp

It should come as no surprise. According to the News-Leader website, a Unitarian Church (which certainly does not hold to the fundamentals of Christianity) sponsored an “Evolution Camp” for children.

I must admit I was shocked to read (if …

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Some Great Sights and Sounds

Sight and Sound ticket

You may have heard about the upcoming movie with Christian Bale titled Exodus: Gods and Kings. Bale is playing Moses. It sounds like it will be very violent, and it will concentrate on the rivalry between Moses and pharaoh. …

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