Zip Lines at the Creation Museum Just Got Better!

Here at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky we have the biggest and best zip lines in the Midwest—and they just got better!

We were already using the very best hardware available on the market, called the Smart Snap system, …

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Raving Fans


I am so blessed at AiG conferences to meet numerous children who not only attend the special children’s sessions we hold but also attend the other presentations with their parents. So many of these children take notes and/or do artwork …

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Gorillas—Just Like Us?

The Cincinnati Zoo has a brand new addition to the gorilla exhibit. One of the gorillas, called Asha, gave birth to a healthy baby gorilla. Now, this is very exciting, and I’ve enjoyed many family outings to this excellent, well-known …

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89-Year-Old WWII Vet on Zip Lines!

Ollie Odle Sr and Don Hansen

His World War II cap caught the eye of one of our staff members inside the Creation Museum recently. When asked, the veteran, Ollie Odle Sr. (89)—and who had been a pastor for most of his life—shared a little about …

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Challenging Atheists at the Kentucky State Fair

Dave Ham Drawing

My brother Stephen recently had the opportunity to challenge atheists at their booth at the Kentucky State Fair. Here is the report he sent me:

My family and I went the Kentucky State Fair recently. Dave (my son) placed second

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Christian Singer Michael Gungor Makes More Outrageous Claims


I recently responded to Michael Gungor’s (member of the band Gungor) assertion that “NO REASONABLE PERSON takes the entire Bible completely literally” (emphasis Gungor’s). You can read the complete article on our website. Well, Gungor recently appeared on The Liturgists

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A Remarkable 1,300 Registered So Far for AiG UK Mega Conference

This Thursday through Saturday, I will be in the United Kingdom (with a powerful line up of speakers) to speak at AiG’s UK Mega Conference.

Over 1,300 people have already registered for this exciting three-day event in England. This is …

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Believers—Each One of Us Is Adopted

Some weeks ago, I shared posts from an AiG board member, his wife, and their four children who were greatly burdened to adopt a family of six children from Eastern Europe. They didn’t want to see these six children split …

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Equipping “Soldiers” with “Weapons”


Because the human race has been in a spiritual battle for 6,000 years (since Genesis 3), the Bible uses a lot of battle imagery concerning spiritual warfare. For instance, we read this in the book of Ephesians:

Therefore take up

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Dispelling Ark Encounter Myths through Letters to the Editor

We have spent countless hours attempting to correct many secular media outlets and bloggers in their incorrect reporting on our Ark Encounter project. It’s always good to learn of instances in which our ministry friends go to bat for us, …

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