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Secularists Are Targeting the Youth!

In October, as many of you know, we released the new Answers in Genesis theme for the coming year. There is an increasing emphasis by secular evolutionary humanists to try to stop kids from hearing the truth about creation and …

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2,500 at Homeschool Conference

During the last two days, I gave seven presentations at a Home Educator’s Conference (run by “Christian Heritage”) in Seattle. I have included some photographs taken during this well-attended event.

A young girl engrossed in our Dinosaurs for Kids book:…

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One-millionth Visitor Monday!

The third anniversary of the Creation Museum is still over a month away, but we anticipate welcoming our millionth visitor on Monday. AiG staff have planned a celebration and large gift package for the special guest, and has scheduled a …

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In Bloom

Right now, the botanical gardens on our Creation Museum grounds are looking great. After being in Alberta, Canada, for a few days, I was amazed on my return yesterday to see how much more colorful it has become on the …

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Who Was on the Cover of People Magazine Recently?

You may have seen the People magazine cover as you were standing in line at your grocery store earlier this month—with a photo of the Duggars holding their newborn and 19th child (that’s not a typo—they really have 19 children!).…

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