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African Children’s Choir at the Creation Museum

What does AiG’s Ark Encounter and the African Children’s Choir have in common? Well, we’re both ministry outreaches, but both have a connection to the TV show The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Actually, we were mentioned (in jest) twice …

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Out of Africa Visitors

The Mwangaza Children’s Choir of Uganda, with children from various
challenging backgrounds, toured the Creation Museum this week. Uganda is in east-central Africa and it’s a nation has seen some difficult times over the
past 40 years or so, especially …

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Mission to Africa with Buddy and Kay Davis

Yesterday morning at the AiG staff meeting, Buddy and Kay Davis gave a report on their recent exciting and encouraging missions trip to Africa (Kenya in particular). Here are two photos of Buddy as he gave the staff presentation:

You …

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