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Live Chat with Answers Magazine Editor

If you’ve ever wanted to talk with an author about his article in Answers, our award-winning magazine, you’ll have the opportunity this week. (Answers won eight awards last year from the Evangelical Press Association, including the top award for …

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Ministering to Skeptics in the UK

AiG friend and colleague Dr. Andy McIntosh (who resides in England) sent us the report below of a recent meeting he had with skeptics in England. Like Jesus, he went to reach the skeptics where they meet! Here is a …

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Scientist Active in UK Creation Outreach

On yesterday’s blog post, I recently wrote about a scientist in the United Kingdom who won a prestigious award for scientific research.

Dr. Andy McIntosh, who is a professor at Leeds University in England, is an ardent creationist, and …

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Scientist (Who Is a Creationist) Wins Prestigious Research Award

Dr. Andy McIntosh, professor of thermodynamic and combustion theory at the University of Leeds in England, has led a research team that investigated aspects of the Bombardier beetle, and he has won a prestigious award. So much for those secularists …

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Evolution Debate

As part of Debate Summit 2010 in Ohio, Dr. Andy McIntosh, an adjunct speaker for our sister ministry in England, will be debating Dr. Will Provine of Cornell University on the topic of “Flight in Birds and Bats: Is Evolution …

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Creation/Evolution Debate!

It’s uncommon to see creation/evolution debates being conducted anymore. Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, people like Dr. Duane Gish were very active in presenting the creation side in large meeting halls. But the word spread in the evolutionist community: …

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