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A Happy Anniversary Today

Today (December 27) marks the 21st anniversary of Answers in Genesis. I encourage you to discover how God has blessed this apologetics ministry so mightily since late 1993 (including how He has directed 2.3 million people to our Creation

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Happy Birthday AiG

Today is the official birthday of Answers in Genesis-USA. Although AiG published its first newsletter and held its first seminar in early 1994, AiG filed its incorporation papers in late 1993. Today as we mark the nineteenth anniversary of a …

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Photo Gallery

Last week, I spoke at a homeschool convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Three sisters approached me and shared how they became Christians as young children and then committed their lives to the Lord. They had read our children’s book A is

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Special Five-year Anniversary Edition—Don’t Miss Out

The world’s leading creation apologetics magazine, Answers, will be producing a special 192-page (normally 96 pages) five-year anniversary edition for the 2011 July–September issue.

Answers magazine now has 75,000 subscribers. It is available in both print and digital formats. …

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