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Get Answers—About Noah, the Ark, and the Flood

Through our various social media outlets, including my public Facebook page, we are asked questions on a daily basis concerning the Bible and the origins issue.

I thought it would be good to remind everyone that the AiG website …

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Post-Debate Potpourri, Part Two

Most of this week, I’ve been speaking in the Dominican Republic, where AiG had some wonderful outreach opportunities. During the week, Mark Looy—who set up my recent debate with TV’s Bill Nye “the Science Guy”—has been collecting various intriguing …

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Post-Debate Potpourri, Part One

For the past few days I’ve been away speaking in the Dominican Republic (having a wonderful time of ministry there, as I wrote yesterday). Meanwhile, Mark Looy of our staff, who organized last week’s creation/evolution debate with Bill Nye …

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It’s Here—Another “Wow” Resource from AiG!

AiG’s Answers Books series makes up the biggest-selling creation/biblical apologetics books in the world.  Hundreds of thousands of these books have been sold, and now, there’s a new addition to the series!

I’m very excited to announce that the newest …

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So What?

What should you do when you read an article like this one on the NBC news website titled “Ice-blasting test proves that comet impacts can spark life’s ingredients”? This article begins as follows:

Scientists fired steel balls into

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Meeting at the Creation Museum

A couple visiting the Creation Museum this past week had a very interesting story to tell us.

Jeff is from Sevierville, Tennessee (where we will be holding our national family conference in July, by the way). Ellie is from Tokyo, …

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Answers—Now at Sam’s

About 20 Sam’s Club stores in the Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio area are currently offering the biggest-selling creation apologetics books in the world—the The New Answers Book 1, The New Answers Book 2, and The New Answers Book

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More Radio-activity

Next month, we will be releasing a new version of our Answers … with Ken Ham radio program. A :90 version has been airing for almost 18 years on several hundred radio stations around the United States and overseas. However, …

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No wonder the Church in the UK Is in Trouble

Christianity magazine in the United Kingdom (UK) recently published an article by a Baptist pastor from Cambridge in England. I just groan when I read such articles. Just the first paragraph alone illustrates how compromised and ill informed many such …

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A Changed Life, and a Life That Needs Changing

In the same week I received two “change” letters—one from a person with a changed life and one from a life that needs a change. I have printed them both with comments below. Praise the Lord for a changed life, …

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