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Human Evolution and Alcohol?

Human evolution and alcohol have been together in the news a lot recently. Discover Magazine wrote about a new study that was aimed at discovering when our supposed human ancestors “acquired the ability to consume foods containing ethanol, such as …

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Does the Bible Teach Human Evolution?

BioLogos is at it again! Earlier this week, I wrote about how they’re indoctrinating children, teens, and young adults with theistic evolution. But now they’re running (for the second time) a blog series on the supposed evidence for human …

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“Ape-men” Coming to the Answers Mega Conference!

Well, let me explain that headline!

One of our brilliant scientists at AiG is Dr. David Menton, who holds a PhD in biology (from an Ivy League school). He will be hosting a special exhibition during our national family conference …

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You Are an Ape!

How would you like to have someone tell your children that they “are an ape”—that they are just an animal?

My wife and I—and our daughter—spent part of Thursday at the San Diego Zoo.  As we were looking through the …

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Laser Beams and “Ape-men”

Here is the text of a press release sent out from AiG this week after we had a special dedication ceremony for the new “ape-man” exhibit that is now operating at the Creation Museum:

Laser beams seem to jump

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There Are No “Ape-men”

There are and always have been (since the sixth day of creation) apes and humans. But there never have been any “ape-men” as part of an evolutionary process.

In a new high-tech exhibit at the Creation Museum, Dr. David Menton

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