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Get Answers—About Noah, the Ark, and the Flood


Through our various social media outlets, including my public Facebook page, we are asked questions on a daily basis concerning the Bible and the origins issue.

I thought it would be good to remind everyone that the AiG website …

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The Truth Chronicles Book 6—Order For Your Teen Today!

The Truth Chronicles Book 6

In our secularized culture, it’s very difficult to find fiction books for teens that are appropriate and family friendly—and that stand on the authority of God’s Word. At Answers in Genesis, we want to provide quality resources for your teens …

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“The LORD set my feet on the solid rock”

As I was preparing for the recent debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” (that was held at the Creation Museum on February 4), I saw a lot of nasty comments from secularists. Some stated that scientists shouldn’t debate creationists …

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What Is This Theologian’s Real Motivation?

I have great respect for theologian Dr. Geisler. He is a prolific author who for many years has contended for the faith and equipped Christians with some excellent apologetic arguments to defend the Christian faith against many secular attacks.

At …

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Post-Debate Potpourri, Part Two

Adam in the Garden of Eden

Most of this week, I’ve been speaking in the Dominican Republic, where AiG had some wonderful outreach opportunities. During the week, Mark Looy—who set up my recent debate with TV’s Bill Nye “the Science Guy”—has been collecting various intriguing …

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AiG in Your Church, Group, or School—Get Answers to Children, Teens, and Adults

Tuesday was a historic day for the ministry of Answers in Genesis and our high-tech Creation Museum. Famed engineer, scientist, comedian, author, and inventor Bill Nye and I debated the question: “Is creation a viable model for explaining the origins …

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Even a Seven Year Old Can Understand It

Ken with family in Texas

Recently I spoke at Great Hills Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, where I met a remarkable young boy named Reuben. He and his father met me after my talk, and his father proudly showed me his seven-year-old son’s notes from …

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“Answers in Genesis has really changed the way we minister!”

Ken Ham and Mike McClure, Calvary Chapel San Jose

What a thrill it was to minister at Calvary Chapel of San Jose (California) these past two days and experience the excitement of the staff of their church and Christian school because they use AiG curricula. This church and Calvary …

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More Soldiers Equipped for the Battle!

Students gathering

Military language is used in many places in the Bible to explain the spiritual battle Christians are in. And for a battle, we need soldiers—soldiers equipped with the “weapons” necessary to do battle.

For around 35 years now, I have …

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BioLogos vs. Bible-Based Apologetics

Rescuing Our Kids DVD Cover

BioLogos, an organization that seeks to teach Christians that evolutionary ideas are supposedly compatible with Scripture, continues to try to influence families toward giving up a historical Genesis. A recent article appeared on the BioLogos website written by Praveen Sethupathy, …

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