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Black Holes: Real or Imaginary? A Problem of Observational vs. Historical Science

Black holes form the background in many science fiction stories. But black holes are not fictional. A black hole, as you probably know, is so massive and dense that even light cannot escape from its enormous gravity, so it is …

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What You Aren’t Being Told About Astronomy

What You

Our web store recently started offering a great two-DVD set called What You Aren’t Being Told About Astronomy. Hosted by Spike Psarris, a former engineer in the U.S. military space program, these well-done DVDs will walk you through our …

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Mysterious Black Holes

Things that Go Bump in the Night

Here at Answers in Genesis, we’re always trying to produce resources that are timely and challenging, and our newest DVD by AiG’s Dr. Danny Faulkner is both! Dr. Faulkner’s presentation Things that Go Bump in the Night deals with the …

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Origins of the Universe—Great New DVD!

Origins of the Universe: The Great Debate

Here at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, we’re always searching for new resources that are biblically sound that you can use to equip yourself and your families to defend the faith. Just as important is the opportunity to …

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Comet ISON—Coming Soon!

Comet ISON

Answers in Genesis began a new web banner campaign recently to encourage people to view Comet ISON as its orbit brings it closer to earth. The campaign banner reads, “Comet ISON—Evidence of a Young Universe.”

If everything goes as most …

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Join a 2014 Grand Canyon Raft Trip Today!

Grand Canyon basement rocks

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already time to reserve your spot on one of the 2014 AiG Grand Canyon raft trips. Every year, Answers in Genesis partners with Canyon Ministries to offer rafting trips through the Grand Canyon on …

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Grand Canyon Observations

Juming into Colorado River

We have many staff members who are continually traveling around America and overseas to present biblical truths in a variety of settings. A week and a half ago, our staff astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner once again was a leader of …

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Astronomy Conference Begins Monday


Beginning this Monday, July 8, and ending July 10, Concordia University in Wisconsin will host a creation conference with the theme, “The Heavens Declare: What Astronomy Can Tell Us About Biblical Creation.” Dr. Danny Faulkner (AiG–US) and Dr. Don DeYoung …

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The Answers Conversation

Recently, we began a new audio initiative in Answers in Genesis called Answers Conversation. Each week Steve Ham will be interviewing people about topics as we answer the skeptical questions of this world and focus in on the authority …

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AiG Reaches to the Stars!

The lead article on our website today, “Can We See the Surfaces of Stars?” was written by Dr. Danny Faulkner, our astronomer on staff. In today’s main web article, Dr. Faulkner responds to a question we received about whether astronomers …

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