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Dawkins, Krauss, and the Atheist Crusade

Well-known atheists Richard Dawkins (a vehement anti-creationist from England) and Lawrence Krauss (from the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University and director of its Origins Project) are on a crusade.

They star in a documentary called …

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Shocking Atheist Sign Attacks Christianity

Flying Spaghetti Monster Sign

Well, as we start the new year, I am reporting that the atheists have been at it again: attacking Christianity and promoting their godless religion. And this time, they did it in Wisconsin’s capitol building. Not long ago, the group …

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More Christianity-Mocking Atheist Billboards


A recent article in the Christian Post website reports that some rejected atheist billboards will now run in the Vancouver (Canada) metro system, as well as on one billboard. The article states the following:

An atheist advertising campaign that was

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Standing Up to Atheists

Atheists are a small minority in this nation—less than two percent of the population—yet such secularists have been involved in removing Christian symbols from public places and getting Christ out of Christmas. In recent years they have also become very …

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Christianity Under Attack at the Movies

An atheist movie that is being shown in a number of movie theaters across America had its public premier last week. Produced in a documentary style, The Unbelievers costars the well-known atheists Richard Dawkins of England and Lawrence Krauss of …

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Atheists Using Bible App to Spread Disbelief

It seems like atheists will go to pretty extreme lengths to combat the words of a God they don’t even believe exists. A recent article from the Religion News Service reports, “Atheists use a popular Bible app to evangelize about …

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Back to Times Square with Another Powerful Billboard!


In today’s main article on our website, I write about the spectacular new video billboard we have just placed in Times Square in New York City earlier this morning. This animated video—wonderfully produced for us by our advertising agency JDA—has …

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Atheist Churches—Even Secularists See the Problems!

Not long ago, I blogged about a movement led by British comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans to establish atheist “churches” across the globe. They’ve been on a world tour covering Great Britain, the U.S., and currently my homeland Australia, …

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Ranting, Intolerant Psychology Professor . . . Again—Our Tax Dollars at Work

On the USnews.com site, we read:

Public colleges and universities are typically operated under the supervision of state governments and are funded, in part, by tax dollars and subsidies from the state. As a result, these universities often offer free

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A New Atheist Billboard?


Yesterday’s Kentucky Enquirer newspaper included an article about our new billboard campaign (“To All Of Our Atheist Friends—Thank God You’re Wrong”).  You can read the article at this link.

I have written a previous blog post about that campaign, …

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