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Christian Singer at the Museum

Bart Millard on the big screen at Great American Ballpark after the baseball game on Sunday, with his band in the foreground.

Almost every year for the past several years, the Christian music group MercyMe has been holding large outdoor concerts after Cincinnati Reds baseball games. It occurs on what’s called “Faith Day.” An estimated 15,000 people stayed after the Reds game …

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Baseball Players at the Creation Museum

Some of you may know that being a big fan of cricket, I am now getting a better appreciation of its “cousin”: American baseball. From time to time I get to attend a game and watch our hometown team, the …

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More Ballplayers at the Museum

Milwaukee Brewers

Many professional sports teams come through Cincinnati each year—either to play the Cincinnati Reds in baseball or the Cincinnati Bengals in football. While in town, players on these visiting team sometimes take an opportunity during a free part of their …

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Take Me Out to the Creation Museum

This Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area has baseball fever—the Cincinnati Reds, who play about 20–25 minutes from our Creation Museum, won their division and are heading for the playoffs this week. Over the past two years, we’ve had some Reds players …

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Salvation in Atlanta

Over the last four weeks, Answers in Genesis has had the great privilege of presenting the Seven C’s of History at First Baptist Atlanta (Dr. Charles Stanley’s church).  Dr. Terry Mortenson presented the first four C’s being Creation, Corruption, …

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Reaching into the Community

Promotions Team on the Road

The Creation Museum recently sponsored a minor league baseball game in nearby Lexington, Kentucky (about one and a half hours away from the museum). The Lexington Legends “Faith and Family Night” drew over 5,000 baseball …

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Special Dedication

This morning at 8:30 a.m., the AiG staff met in the Creation Museum gardens to dedicate the new Japanese Koi pond. I will have some photos and a report in tomorrow’s blog. The gardens have become an exhibit in their …

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