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Cave Witnessing

One of the families that attended the AiG Proclaiming the Faith conference in Branson last week sent us this email:

Friday, after the conference had ended, I took my family down to [one of the cave attractions] … the girl

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Remembering Chuck Colson

I was so pleased to come across some of the web pages of the ministry called the Chuck Colson Center, founded by the same man who started the Prison Fellowship ministry and who was a key Watergate figure before he …

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Creative Begin Project

Magazine Staff Congratulated

At lot has been happening at AiG while I have been away.

I have been gone for the past few days (I’m in California), but I was still able to participate at yesterday’s AiG staff chapel. We …

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Begin with Begin

I thought it would be good to include one of the great emails we received this past week so you can praise the Lord with us for the way He impacts lives with AiG resources. This AiG supporter is using …

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Recently, we released a new book called Begin. Simply put, we present the gospel the way God does it in the Bible—by starting at the beginning in Genesis. You can read details about the book in this article I

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