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Go Behind the Scenes with Ark Encounter

I’m inviting you and your family to our special “Behind the Scenes” event here in northern Kentucky to discover more about the exciting Ark Encounter project. On July 28 (a Saturday), the designers of the Ark and I will be …

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Behind the Scenes

I thought it would be good to give you just one small example of what it takes behind the scenes to put on a professional, world-class, and evangelistic program like Christmas Town at the Creation Museum. Our exhibit designers are …

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Free Digital Downloads

Would you like a free creation video, audio, or chart every week? About two months ago, we started offering a free digital download of a popular AiG resource every time we send our weekly Super Specials emails. This is a …

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Take a “Behind the Scenes” Look at the Creation Museum

The month of June has quickly come upon us and it reminded me of a unique event occurring here at the Creation Museum later this month.

On Saturday, June 26, starting at 6:00pm, we’ll be holding a very special event …

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A Special Tribute to a Special Lady

This week has been a week of tears and rejoicing for many staff at Answers in Genesis. Longtime friend of the ministry, Sheila Selby, was called into the presence of her Lord on Monday, January 25, at 2:30 p.m from …

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