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The Passing of a Wonderful Servant of God

Graham and Anthea Scott

I have some sad news to share: My long-time friend and colleague, Graham Scott, who headed up our sister group in the United Kingdom for many years, passed away yesterday. He was a very dedicated servant of God who worked …

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Yes, There Will Be . . . Another Bible Bee


This year’s theme (and through 2014) for the AiG ministry is “Standing our Ground, Rescuing our Kids,” based on Galatians 1:4. It’s one of the reasons we support something called the National Bible Bee in the USA. Earlier

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The Bee Is Over

Bible Bee

Each year AiG is pleased to promote the National Bible Bee competition for young people and also to have representation at its annual meeting. See www.BibleBee.org. The Bee is set up to help parents disciple their children through an …

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National Bible Bee Is on the Way

Next week (November 14–17), 300 students and their families from across the country will be in Sevierville, Tennessee, for the National Bible Bee contest. These students have been working hard since the beginning of the summer to memorize hundreds of …

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Answers—Now at Sam’s

About 20 Sam’s Club stores in the Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio area are currently offering the biggest-selling creation apologetics books in the world—the The New Answers Book 1, The New Answers Book 2, and The New Answers Book

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Bible Bee Winner Flies in with Family from Oregon

We are a ministry that is well-known for encouraging young people to get to know their Bible and to build their worldview from its truths. It’s a reason we produce so many resources for children—DVDs, books, a children’s section inside …

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The “Bee” in Nashville

AiG staff member Roger Patterson represented AiG at the recent National Bible Bee competition in Nashville, Tennessee. I am pleased to be on the Bee’s advisory board. Roger reported the following:


While you are on the other side of

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We’re off to Nashville—for a Bible Bee!

The Creation Museum will be heading to Nashville very soon, and from November 17–20 we will be there to support and speak at the 2011 National Bible Bee and Family Discipleship Celebration. The three winning young people—who have memorized huge …

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Bible Bee Competition

Answers in Genesis is careful in lending its name and support of other organizations. We first get to know their leaders, mission, and high regard for biblical authority. Our friends at the National Bible Bee have earned our support.

The …

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Bible Bee Award-Winners Visit

The National Bible Bee competition finished last weekend in the Chicago area. This event is for young people who recite Bible verses from memory (plus learn biblical truths along the way) and is endorsed by our AiG ministry. After all, …

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