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So Now Biblical Christians Are “Non-Jihadist Terrorists” and a “Greater Threat Than Those Who Admire Al Qaeda”? Beware!

Biblical Christians are being actively maligned with deliberate attempts to marginalize us in this increasingly secularized culture.

In recent times we have see an increase in secularists doing the following:

  1. Accusing Christians/creationists of “child abuse” (as Lawrence Krauss, Arizona State

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Peter Enns Wants Children to Reject Genesis

I’ve blogged about Peter Enns many times because of his very public compromise on Genesis. (And many of you may recall the debacle between me and Peter Enns at a particular homeschool conference last year.)

Dr. Enns, who used to …

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Less Christian Every Day—What Is Wrong with the Church?

New York recently legalized “gay” marriage. This is only the latest in a long list of how America has been turning its back on biblical authority:

  • In 1962, school prayer was ruled unconstitutional.
  • In 1963, Bible reading in public schools

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Another Compromiser—Speaking at Homeschool Conventions

This week from Thursday to Saturday, I will be speaking at a homeschool convention in Greenville, SC. Sadly, one of the speakers also listed to give presentations does not believe in a historical Adam or historical Fall (he will also …

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