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More Misrepresentations

Yesterday I wrote about a very positive review of the Creation Museum, and also about people (Christian and non-Christian) who deliberately misrepresent the Creation Museum in their attempts to undermine its Bible-upholding teachings.

Misrepresentations of our ministry are not just …

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What a Contrast!

For whatever reason, many anti-Creation Museum reviews have been popping up on the web in recent weeks. As you know, you can’t always believe what you read on the Internet—although with our website, we try to make sure it’s as …

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Misleading NPR Blog Post

Recently, a Dartmouth College professor wrote a blog post for National Public Radio (NPR) that cited one of our scientists. It is so frustrating to read such blog posts and know that its readers are being led astray by misinformation. …

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“The BEST Trip We Have Ever Taken”

Even though the secularists write a few blog posts denigrating the Creation Museum, there is an overwhelming number of blog posts like this one that begins with the following:

Right after Christmas, my family and I took a trip with

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What Does “Indirect Quote” Mean?

Note: See the update below for a new development.

Well apparently, since I have never heard them before, the words “indirect quote” must mean something like, “When someone misrepresents another person and claims it is a direct quote from the …

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Teaching Sunday School and Child Abuse

AiG researcher Dr. Georgia Purdom recently wrote two blog posts that I encourage all of you to read. In the first blog post she stated the following:

Last week I wrote a blog about the John Freshwater case, and in

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Museum Talk

Because the Creation Museum has become well-known globally because of countless articles appearing in the international media (recent visits by correspondents from Brazil and Denmark attest to this, and there was even a writer here on Friday who has authored …

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Atheists Responding to Meaningless Atheism

Last week I blogged twice about the topic of atheism and meaninglessness. One blog post was centered around the international atheist convention to be held in Melbourne, Australia, this year, and the other concerned getting “down to earth“ about meaningless …

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