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A Buzz at BJU!

Last night I spoke to hundreds of students at Bob Jones University who packed into Stratton Hall on the campus of this Christian university in South Carolina.  It was so thrilling to experience the “buzz” at the end of my …

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Lots of “Wow” Happenings!

In the past week, lots of what I call “WOW” things have happened at the Creation Museum:

1.  The Big Book of History (that just won a prestigious award at the International Christian Booksellers Convention) has now been installed with …

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The Photos Tell It All

Homeschool Science Conference at the Creation Museum

This past week was our first ever Homeschool Science conference, held in Legacy Hall at the Creation Museum. We had families from as far away as Oregon, Florida, and Kansas. What a great …

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“A Great Soul Winning Opportunity”

Recently a group of science students from Bob Jones University visited the Creation Museum. Dr. David Boyd, professor of biology, brought the group and commented he would like to make this a regular part of the students’ education. I wish …

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Robot Invasion at the Creation Museum

Robots intrigue the imagination. They have filled science fiction stories for years. Robots possess certain human-like qualities. They can “sense” the world around them—and then react in various ways. As technologies advance, we ask the question “will they become human?”…

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A Challenge from a Chancellor

Yesterday, Answers in Genesis was privileged to host a very special visitor: the Chancellor of Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. Dr. Bob Jones III visited the Creation Museum and also spoke to the entire AiG staff during our …

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