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Christmas Resources with a Message for Your Family and Friends

Our ministry’s focus is upholding the authority of God’s Word and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, and our Christmas resources are no exception to this goal. Our online bookstore has some beautiful new Christmas-themed items that will help …

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“All I Want for Christmas Is to Skip Church!”

Often around Christmas, atheist groups put up billboards encouraging people to reject the real reason for Christmas—Christ! And they’re doing it again this year. Note that their focus is to be against the Christian message. Such efforts once again help …

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Don’t Miss the Spectacular Christmas Town

Christmas is just around the corner, and here at the Creation Museum we are busy preparing for our annual Christmas Town. And this year it’s even more exciting as we add new events, more lights, and, of course, the return …

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Burdened to Share the Gift

I hope you will have a blessed Christmas!

One of our family traditions at Christmas, as we freely give gifts to our close family and friends, is to remind each other of the free gift of salvation in Christ.

And …

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Creation Museum Free Christmas Eve (Tuesday)

The following is a news release we sent to our regional media list last week, announcing that once again (as has become our yearly tradition) on a December 24 (this Tuesday), the Creation Museum will offer free admission. Note that …

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Standing Up to Atheists

Atheists are a small minority in this nation—less than two percent of the population—yet such secularists have been involved in removing Christian symbols from public places and getting Christ out of Christmas. In recent years they have also become very …

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It’s a Continuing Battle

In 2007 I wrote an article for the Answers in Genesis website now titled “The Battle to Keep Christ in Christmas.”

On reading that six-year-old article recently, I realized how pertinent it is for today. We have updated the piece …

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“New Christmas Town” a Hit!

For the past few years, a woman in Iowa by the name of Ellen has brought many groups from Iowa and nearby states to the Creation Museum—about 600 miles away. She visited last Friday and this time had ten friends …

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Comet ISON Confirms A Young Universe

There has been much talk in the media about the comet ISON that was (past tense!!) going to put on a spectacular display for us.  AiG astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner authored the script for the incredible Comet ISON planetarium program …

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Are Churches Preaching an Irrelevant Christmas Message?

Now that’s a provocative title! It’s coming up to Christmas, and tonight is the start of the spectacular New Christmas Town live nativity and lights (and incredible food) at the Creation Museum.

But what is the real message of Christmas?…

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