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What a Contrast!

For whatever reason, many anti-Creation Museum reviews have been popping up on the web in recent weeks. As you know, you can’t always believe what you read on the Internet—although with our website, we try to make sure it’s as …

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AiG Responds to Petition on White House Website to Ban Creationism

Recently a petition appeared on a White House website calling for a ban on creationism in the classroom. I wrote a blog post last week on the issue, sharing some of my responses to a reporter who asked for my …

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Secularists Ask President to Ban Creationism

Many of you have heard of the Christian Post, an online, evangelical newspaper that has covered Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum very fairly in the past. Well, recently a reporter from the Christian Post ran across a …

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ACLU Needs Legislation to Protect Its Anti-God Religion

Wake up Christians! When the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is successful in getting the Ten Commandments out of public places and the teaching of creation, the Bible, and prayer out of public schools, they did not get religion out. …

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Is Groupon Anti-Christian?

Groupon.com is a website that promotes a “deal of the day” where businesses can offer their product or service for at least 50 percent off. Groupon makes its money by taking a significant percentage of the price.

The Creation Museum …

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