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The International Conference on Creationism

This past Sunday night marked the beginning of the weeklong International Conference on Creationism (ICC) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sponsored and organized by the Creation Science Fellowship of Pittsburgh.

I gave the opening talk, titled Genesis, Biblical Authority, and the

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So Now Biblical Christians Are “Non-Jihadist Terrorists” and a “Greater Threat Than Those Who Admire Al Qaeda”? Beware!

Biblical Christians are being actively maligned with deliberate attempts to marginalize us in this increasingly secularized culture.

In recent times we have see an increase in secularists doing the following:

  1. Accusing Christians/creationists of “child abuse” (as Lawrence Krauss, Arizona State

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More Intolerance

Well, it seems that many secularists will never quit trying to make a mockery of God’s Word. The BBC in the UK has started airing a new documentary TV show called Conspiracy Road Trip. Each show has a theme, and …

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Why Won’t the Evolutionists Debate?

Last week, I posted a challenge to Bill Nye on my blog to debate AiG staff member Dr. Georgia Purdom. Bill Nye responded to Dr. Purdom’s comments regarding his recent video titled “Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children.” …

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Time is Nye for a Rebuttal

I wanted to provide you with a link to a short video we just produced to counter an anti-creationist video that has gone absolutely viral on internet through YouTube and other outlets. The video shows Bill Nye, well-known for his …

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Creationist in Hall of Fame

Congratulations David Wheaton!

I am thrilled to announce that our good friend David Wheaton, head of an excellent ministry called The Christian Worldview, has just been elected into the Hall of Fame by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association. In a “previous …

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Evolutionist Sees AiG as a Threat

A writer for the journal Nature recently wrote an item that accused an AiG writer of misrepresenting a paper in Nature. When I read it, I asked AiG researcher Steve Golden to help me write a blog post about …

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Lawsuit over Academic Freedom

The Alliance Defend fund issued a news release on January 5 about a lawsuit against the University of Louisiana over a distinguished professor who, the ADF says, has been “repeatedly discriminated against.” The professor is a creationist. Many of you …

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New Book by Nazarene-Affiliated Scholars Slams Biblical Creationists

I have written a number of blogs previously concerning the biblically undermining teaching of Karl Giberson, until recently a professor at Eastern Nazarene College (Massachusetts) where he gave lectures on science, and religion. His co-author of a new book that …

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What are Nazarene Students Being Taught?

Well, those who are or have been students at Eastern Nazarene College (Boston) who came under the teaching of ardent evolutionist Karl Giberson, would not only have been taught evolution as fact, but sadly, probably came under such teaching below …

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