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Does Everyone Really Want Answers?

One of the things we have learned from monitoring my Facebook page is that many people who ask questions don’t necessarily want answers. Because of the volume of responses (particularly the thousands of comments that get posted), we just can’t …

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Creation Museum Mocked on Saturday Night Live

Someone on Facebook informed us early this morning that our Creation Museum was mocked last night on NBC TV’s popular Saturday Night Live program. I never watch this broadcast, but we went online and found the segment. On a mock …

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Why I Care Where your Children Attend College

Recently, a blogger asked the questions, “Why does Ken Ham care where you go to college? Where you send your kids?” The blogger was Dr. Adam Laats, a professor of history and education at Binghamton University in New York. (I …

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Sloppy Research for an Anti-AiG Academic

Karl Giberson, professor of science, religion, and writing at Stonehill College—and former vice president of BioLogos (which promotes theistic evolution) and previously a professor at a Nazarene college—wrote an article for The Daily Beast titled “2013 Was a Terrible

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Christian Leader Criticizes Creation Museum

Many of you may have heard of Jay Wile.  He is the original author and former owner of the science textbooks sold under the name Apologia, which is now under different ownership.  On a recent blog post, Jay Wile …

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Well-Known Evolutionist States, “Creationist Critics [of Evolution] Are Right”

One has to read this quote in context, of course. It comes from the latest Discover magazine and is reviewed in a blog entry written by AiG speaker and researcher, Dr. Georgia Purdom. Dr. Purdom has a PhD in molecular …

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Typical “Hand Waving” by Another Evolutionist

Recently, I reported in my blog on a news article that appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer (our hometown newspaper) concerning the three-year anniversary of the opening of the Creation Museum (with over 1,000,000 visitors in that time), and the opening …

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You Won’t Believe What Came Out of Calvin College Last Week

Here is a sad but very real example of what can happen to a Christian college when it does not maintain a stand on biblical inerrancy beginning with Genesis.

I wrote a blog item recently in response to a guest …

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“Awe Inspiring”

It is interesting to read the responses that our new “I am not ashamed” campaign (www.iamnotashamed.org) is receiving. We are getting overwhelmingly positive responses from Christians.

It is interesting to note a number of atheist blogs, though, that …

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Atheists Can Be So Inconsistent

One of the news items from our local area this week started with the headline:

“Godless” Billboard Going Up in Cincinnati.

The item continued:

“Don’t Believe In God? You are not alone.” [sic] are the words featured on the billboard 

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