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Don’t Forget—Sign Up for the AiG Alaskan Cruise!

Outside of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone of Wyoming, my favorite place to visit in America for scenery is Alaska. The word I think of to describe it is grandeur. That’s why we at Answers in Genesis are hosting …

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Cruise to Alaska and the Inside Passage—with an Insider!

Today, I want to tell you about a special trip you can take with Answers in Genesis next June—an Alaskan cruise!

According to our former international director, Dr. David Crandall, “There’s no better way for you and your family to …

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A Special International Handover Plus a Tribute

AiG continues to have an influence beyond the USA in teaching biblical authority and the gospel. Our books, DVDs, and web articles have been translated into more than 75 languages, and we continue to travel abroad to give seminars that …

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Keeping Things Updated—Graffiti Alley

I do praise the Lord for our diligent and talented Creation Museum design team. They do their best to keep things updated at the Creation Museum! We don’t want to be stale here. Recently, Cathy Henderson (she oversees the incredibly …

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You Can Witness at the Olympics—Don’t Miss the Trip of a Lifetime!

This booklet, in several languages, will be distributed by the tens of thousands at the London Olympics this summer.

Have you ever dreamed about taking a foreign mission trip?

Have you ever dreamed about attending the Olympic Games?

Have you …

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Fond Memories from Malaysia

Exciting Follow-up to the All-Asian Creation Conference

As I reflect on our creation conference last month in Malaysia, it brings back some very fond memories. Yesterday I wrote about some of the great feedback we received from several attendees, but …

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Digging Montana and Ohio

Our second Dinosaur Dig of the summer has just concluded in Glendive, Montana. AiG’s Buddy Davis and about 20 friends of the ministry unearthed some really nice finds—like a dinosaur rib (about three feet long) and a dinosaur vertebrae. This …

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Newest Country in the World—South Sudan

Dr. David Crandall, AiG Director of our Answers Worldwide department, has provided this exciting news:

Answers in Genesis watched with interest as the independence ceremony recently took place in Juba, South Sudan. It was the founding of a new

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AiG Booklets Distributed in Guadalajara

AiG resources certainly get around the world. Dr. David Crandall, Director of AiG Worldwide, sent me this exciting report:

In a recent creation conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, 700 delegates received an AiG booklet from Answers Worldwide. We are told that

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AiG Website Content Now in Arabic

Seven Arabic–speaking people were brought to America by invitation from our international division (Answers Worldwide) during two of our annual International Training Seminars. This group, encouraged by Dr. Nagy Iskander (an Egyptian medical doctor who resides in Scotland), …

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