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Get Your Pastor to Answers for Pastors—and Our Creation Museum!

Over 250 Already Registered

We are so privileged to have Dr. John Whitcomb speaking at our Answers for Pastors conference (September 21–23) here in our Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area—Dr. Whitcomb is one of the founders of the worldwide creation movement (he …

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How Many Thousands Heard AiG Teaching This Past Week?

As we begin a new week, I thought it would be interesting to consider how many people were exposed to AiG teaching just this past week.  When we do this, all we can do is to praise God for the …

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The Most Popular Creation-based Magazine in the World

With over 72,000 subscriptions (and subscribers from 120 countries)—with a digital version—a special website with extra articles and many other features plus a mini magazine for children, and a special kids website, there is no other creation-based (and Christian worldview) …

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They Came from All Over

Around 3,000 different people from about 30 states—and also a few countries—attended the Defending the Faith conference in Tennessee this past week—what a blessing this time was.

I wanted to share a very nice email from one of our supporters …

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Salvation Testimonies

I have always said that AiG is unashamedly an evangelistic ministry that does not want to just see people converted to be creationists, but we want people truly converted to be born again Christians! That’s something we tell the secular …

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Reaching Public School Educators

Being not ashamed of the gospel of Christ in the midst of one of the nation’s most secular and liberal organizations

Every year for the last 14 years, Answers in Genesis has had the privilege of supporting the National Education …

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A College with a Strong Creation Statement

In my blog post yesterday, I quoted from and commented on (using Scripture) the compromised beliefs of a seminary professor who has proposed his ideas on how to fit billions of years into the Bible. Following on from that post, …

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Which Southern Baptist Professor Proposes/Teaches This?

For the theodicy I am proposing to be compatible with evolution, God must not merely introduce existing human-like beings from outside the Garden. In addition, when they enter the Garden, God must transform their consciousness so that they become rational

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“Egypt File” VBS Very Popular

I have heard so many rave reviews about AiG’s “Egypt File” VBS program. Many pastors from different denominations have told me that they are so tired of programs that are very shallow and just “fluff.” They found AiG’s VBS full …

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Thousands Flock to Hear AiG Messages

Well the atheist bloggers hate it—reacting with their usual anti-intellectual emotional, vile, hateful, and blasphemous language (our Google alerts should sometimes be rated R!)—but people are flocking to hear AiG messages.  There is a tremendous hunger in our culture for …

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