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So-Called “Gender Identity”—Another Threat to Religious Freedom

Well, President Obama’s disregard for biblical authority was made clear once again. The Baptist Press reported last month that President Obama signed an executive order that could threaten religious freedom:

President Obama has used his authority to extend workplace protections

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Thousands of Creation Resources in Texas

This past Thursday evening through Saturday, I spoke at the homeschool conference in The Woodlands (Houston area), Texas. Over 6,000 people attended various aspects of the conference run by the Texas Home School Coalition, which included keynote presentations, workshops, …

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Is This What They Call “Tolerance?”

In today’s secularized culture, we often hear people (particularly leftist humanists) demand what they call “tolerance.” Christians are often accused by these humanists of being “intolerant.” I have heard the accusation of “intolerance” against AiG and what we teach many …

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Is Groupon Anti-Christian?

Groupon.com is a website that promotes a “deal of the day” where businesses can offer their product or service for at least 50 percent off. Groupon makes its money by taking a significant percentage of the price.

The Creation Museum …

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Viewpoint Discrimination

A left-leaning, generally anti-Christian newspaper called CityBeat (described on Wikipedia as “an independent local arts and issues publication in Cincinnati, Ohio”) recently published an article entitled: “Separation Between News Reporting and Opinion Is Like Church and State.” The article basically …

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