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Mourning the Loss of a Dear Friend and Colleague

Graham and Anthea Scott

Our hearts go out to the family of a great servant of the Lord, Graham Scott, who passed away on Monday. Graham was the former head of our sister ministry in the United Kingdom, AiG–UK/Europe. Frankly, there would be no …

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The Sad State of the Church in America

One of the things I often say in my presentations is that I have observed many churches all across America that are not touching the culture as they used to; I have also observed the churches across the United Kingdom …

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Will the Church Survive in England?

For those of you who have read our latest book, Already Gone, you are aware of the collapse of Christianity in Britain and Europe—and also the warning I give in that book that America is heading in the same …

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Bizarre Behavior from Brisbane, Australia


Now , I’ve seen all sorts of ways that the world attacks the Answers in Genesis ministry—but I must admit, this is one of the most bizarre. A composer (Robert A. Davidson) from my home city of Brisbane, Australia, wrote …

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The Ukrainian-Dutch Connection


While I was in Europe on a speaking tour last week (in England and Scotland), Dimitry Kurovsky—who lives in Holland but is originally from Ukraine—was in America on business. He spoke to our staff on Friday about his creation ministry …

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