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The Erosion of God’s Word—It’s Catastrophic!

I wrote recently about the new Gallup poll’s results on America’s beliefs regarding the origin of man. Well, more findings have been released, and I believe they illustrate what I’ve been pointing out for over 30 years in my ministry.…

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One More Reason to Visit the Creation Museum

We’re conducting our own “spring cleaning” inside our huge AiG warehouse in northern Kentucky, and we hope you will “spring” into action to take advantage of some wonderful sales on books, videos, and other items at the Creation Museum on …

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Evangelists from Romania Visit the Museum

Florentin Clipa of Romania has just paid his third visit to the Creation Museum in the past two years. This time he was joined by his brother Pavel. They are evangelists in Eastern Europe, based in northern Romania. Now that …

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Evangelism—That’s What It’s All About

Many who have visited the Creation Museum have told us how pleasantly surprised they were at the evangelistic nature of the Creation Museum. In fact, the entire AiG ministry and the coming Ark Encounter are all directed to an evangelistic …

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Recently, we released a new book called Begin. Simply put, we present the gospel the way God does it in the Bible—by starting at the beginning in Genesis. You can read details about the book in this article I

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Let There Be Light!

What a wonderful blessing it was to be at the Let There Be Light conference organized by many of the Lutheran churches in the Niagara Falls, New York, area yesterday. It was thrilling to see such a crowd for a …

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It Is Such a Buzz


Answers in Genesis’s resources are influencing people around the world. A person from Australia ordered our Vacation Bible School (VBS) program Amazon Expedition (we are still making our original one available along with the one for this year entitled Operation

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Getting Ready for Japan

Scan of The Lie (Japanese)

This past weekend we received a sample copy of the first page of my book The Lie, which has been translated into Japanese—the entire book has now been translated and is being printed in readiness for my speaking tour …

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Opening Closed Minds with “Made Things”


Long-time friend of our ministry, Fred Willson (who at one time worked at the Institute for Creation Research), has a unique “creation evangelism” outreach. As you read this account that Fred sent us, perhaps it will spur you to do …

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Tribute to a Friend


Fascinating History

Before we get to our report on a remarkable funeral held in Alabama last week, I wanted to mention a few quick things about our speaking tour of the U.K.

While Dr. Menton, Mally, and I were in …

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