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A Fairy Tale for Grown Ups

Surely I don’t need to say anything more about this video clip and a claim that “these walking fish raised out of water on land help explain evolution” than quote this verse:

Professing to be wise, they became fools. (Romans

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“Popular (Evolution) Science”

Bob Worstell with Popular Science Magazine

Creation Museum member Bob Worstell shared something interesting with us recently. About 55 years ago, he subscribed to the magazine Popular Science but soon stopped. A few weeks ago, Bob thought he would subscribe again to Popular Science, and …

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Human Evolution—Just More Fictional Storytelling

Biblical creationists can show that the study of genetics confirms that there are distinct kinds of animals. The Human Genome Project confirmed one race of humans, as biblical creationists predicted, based on the Bible’s account of the creation of one …

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Loss of Religious Freedom in the USA

I have been saying for years that the topics of creation, evolution, and the age of earth all relate to an authority issue: who is the ultimate authority in this world, God or man?  It’s the battle that has …

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Church-Sponsored Evolution Camp

It should come as no surprise. According to the News-Leader website, a Unitarian Church (which certainly does not hold to the fundamentals of Christianity) sponsored an “Evolution Camp” for children.

I must admit I was shocked to read (if …

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The Secularization of a Christian College

Karl Giberson currently serves as an adjunct professor of writing, science, and religion at Stonehill College, a Roman Catholic liberal arts school near Boston. He is also former vice president of the BioLogos organization (known for promoting evolution to Christians), …

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Poll Shows Nazarene Scholars Embracing Evolution

Now, I’ve known for some time that the state of the Nazarene church on the issue of origins has not been very good. Sadly, more and more scholars at Nazarene colleges and universities have voiced their support of evolution, millions …

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Bill Nye Needs to Take Note of This Book

On the Engadget website, we read this interesting information about an interview with Bill Nye “the Science Guy”:

As for his battle with creationists, he told us the debates are off. At least for now. “I’m not gonna debate that

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Creation Banned from UK’s State-Funded Schools

Here is another sign of the increasing secularization of the Western world, as secular humanists are trying their hardest to “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” (Romans 1:18). It’s the result of a minority viewpoint being imposed on a public that …

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Cosmos—Preaching Evolutionary Ideas, Not Science


Many of you have heard about or even watched the new Cosmos TV series hosted by evolutionist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, a medical doctor and AiG writer, has written a detailed review  of each of the 13 episodes …

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