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“Preserving the Word”

Almost two years ago, we were blessed to have the opportunity to display spectacular manuscripts and other items at the Creation Museum in a special exhibit. These items are from the largest such private collection of Bible manuscripts and other …

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Ebenezer the Allosaurus Is Finally Here!

Yesterday morning, staff members, special guests, and media representatives gathered at the Creation Museum for the unveiling of our $1.5 million Allosaurus exhibit—called “Facing the Allosaurus.”

Dr. Andrew Snelling (AiG’s geologist and director of research), Michael Peroutka (of the …

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Something Big Is Almost Here!

For the past couple of months when people walked through the Flood Geology exhibits at our Creation Museum, they saw an area cordoned off with a large curtain—with a sign that reads, “Something big is coming.” Well that “something …

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What a Contrast!

For whatever reason, many anti-Creation Museum reviews have been popping up on the web in recent weeks. As you know, you can’t always believe what you read on the Internet—although with our website, we try to make sure it’s as …

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Yet More Major Media Coverage!

We continue to add fantastic new exhibits to the Creation Museum. Some are considered world-class by accepted museum standards. So it’s not surprising that the world’s media continue to cover the museum, even six years after its opening.

The major …

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Is It a Bird? Or Is It a Dinosaur?

Or Is It a Dinosaur “Thinking” About Becoming a Bird?

On our website over the years, you may have been following our ongoing commentary about news that relates to Archaeopteryx. For many years, this bird fossil had been a classic …

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A Boon to Boone County!

For your interest, here is a copy of the news release (slightly adapted) that was distributed recently by our local Chamber of Commerce about the impact of the Creation Museum. We are members of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. …

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Crowds Continue to Flock to the Creation Museum

On Memorial Day weekend this year, the Creation Museum celebrated its sixth year of operation.

Entering our seventh year, crowds have been continuing to flock to the Creation Museum. This past Friday and Saturday, we saw over 3,500 people visit …

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More Media Coverage of the Museum

The Creation Museum has been open now for six years (incredible to believe), and one thing that continues to surprise me is the number of media representatives who continue to drop by. Recently, it was an international reporter with the

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Dragons, Big Bugs, and Bibles

Here is the news release, with an embedded video, that was distributed to America’s media yesterday about some exciting new Bible-upholding exhibits that will be unveiled this weekend at the Creation Museum. (This version of the news release is slightly …

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