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Three Ways to Make an Ape-man

Dr. David Menton talks about Three Ways to Make an Ape-Man DVD

Do you know how to make an ape-man? Well, we learned how in our staff meeting on Tuesday!

Dr. David Menton, one of our researchers at the Creation Museum and retired professor of anatomy at Washington University School of …

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Thanks for Healthy Skepticism


Every now and then, amidst all the sad things I inform you about concerning the state of the church and culture, I like to encourage you as others encourage us. Here is a letter we received from a family in …

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A Tiny Feathered Dino?

Yet another supposed “feathered dinosaur” fossil has come to light, again in China. (Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, AiG–U.S., reported on another Chinese fossil of a supposed feathered dinosaur in April 2012) Now, one headline described the fossil as “almost birdlike,” …

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Digging Montana and Ohio

Our second Dinosaur Dig of the summer has just concluded in Glendive, Montana. AiG’s Buddy Davis and about 20 friends of the ministry unearthed some really nice finds—like a dinosaur rib (about three feet long) and a dinosaur vertebrae. This …

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