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Exciting New Billboard Campaign

“Thank God You Can’t Sink This Ship” are the bold words on our new billboards going up this week. These billboards are aimed at encouraging people to visit the Answers in Genesis website to learn the truth about Ark Encounter

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Does Religion Make You More Moral?

A recent news article boldly proclaims, “It’s Official: Religion Doesn’t Make You More Moral.” The article claims that “a recent study in Science aimed at uncovering how we experience morality in our everyday lives suggests that religious people are no …

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Stephen King Says the Evidence Suggests Intelligent Design

Stephen King, a popular fiction author of thrillers and horror stories, declared in a recent interview with NPR that, “If you say, well, OK, I don’t believe in God, there’s no evidence of God, then you’re missing the stars in …

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“World’s First Atheist TV Channel”

Atheists are increasingly becoming more active and intentional in preaching their religion of godlessness. I’ve always found it fascinating how they think their purpose is to impose their message that there is no purpose onto people!

Their newest preaching endeavor …

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“Experts cast doubt on Big Bang bolstering discovery”

This is the headline of a new story in the media. How many times do we read headlines declaring some supposed finding that “proves” evolution such as another “ape-man” find—or that they supposedly found evidence of life on mars (remember …

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Evolution, STEM, President Obama, and Bill Nye

On May 27, President Obama hosted the “White House Science Fair.” The White House describes this fair as featuring “extraordinary science projects and experiments from some of America’s most innovative students.”

President Obama introduced various government officials, and then the …

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Does Bill Maher Really Want Answers?

Bill Maher, the blaspheming HBO-TV commentator and comedian, continues to be in the news. His most recent tirade against God was in the context of the new Hollywood film Noah and was reported by the Washington Times:

“But the

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Bill Maher Is Going to Pass On

I certainly don’t say this lightly, but for comedian and TV commentator Bill Maher and his present spiritual state, I make that comment above about his future with great sadness.

In fact, I’m sure that even every atheist would agree …

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“Just One Piece of Evidence”

Two authors recently weighed in on my recent debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy”—and they’ve challenged my statement during the debate that I wouldn’t change my mind about the truth of God’s Word.

Dr. Peter Boghossian and Dr. James …

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Can We See God in Creation?

Recently staff members at Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter had the opportunity to hear Dr. John Whitcomb, a founder of the modern biblical creation movement. Dr. Whitcomb was also a featured speaker at our …

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