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Does Bill Maher Really Want Answers?

Bill Maher, the blaspheming HBO-TV commentator and comedian, continues to be in the news. His most recent tirade against God was in the context of the new Hollywood film Noah and was reported by the Washington Times:

“But the

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Bill Maher Is Going to Pass On

I certainly don’t say this lightly, but for comedian and TV commentator Bill Maher and his present spiritual state, I make that comment above about his future with great sadness.

In fact, I’m sure that even every atheist would agree …

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“Just One Piece of Evidence”

Two authors recently weighed in on my recent debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy”—and they’ve challenged my statement during the debate that I wouldn’t change my mind about the truth of God’s Word.

Dr. Peter Boghossian and Dr. James …

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Can We See God in Creation?

Dr. John Whitcomb

Recently staff members at Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter had the opportunity to hear Dr. John Whitcomb, a founder of the modern biblical creation movement. Dr. Whitcomb was also a featured speaker at our …

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Richard Dawkins on Pres. Obama

Dr. Richard Dawkins, a well-known atheist from the UK and author of The God Delusion, recently appeared on the HBO-TV program Real Time with Bill Maher to promote his new autobiography. Now, Dawkins has spoken out of against Christianity …

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Does It Really Take More “Faith” to Believe Evolutionary Ideas?

On the front page of our website today, there is an article I have posted entitled “Does It Really Take More ‘Faith’ to Believe Evolutionary Ideas?” Here are the first few paragraphs from my commentary:

Many Christians with the best

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Bees Did Not Evolve

After reading your Scriptures this morning, I suggest you read the recent web article on the incredible bees by Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell. Fascinating! Just more evidence that if people don’t believe in the Creator God they are without excuse.

The …

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Spectacular New Film—Evolution vs. God

Ray Comfort, president and CEO of the ministry Living Waters and a friend of AiG, is releasing an excellent new film titled Evolution vs. God. This controversial new film is challenging and faith affirming. Every family needs to watch …

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MSNBC TV Host—Kids Don’t Belong to Their Parents?

As I’ve shared a few times on this blog, our theme at Answers in Genesis for 2013–14 is “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids,” based on the passage from Galatians:

Who gave Himself for our sins, that He might deliver

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Overflow Crowd in Virginia


This weekend, Friday through Sunday, Dr. Andrew Snelling and I have been speaking at an AiG conference at Centreville Baptist Church in Virginia (near Washington DC).

We were thrilled to see an overflow crowd Friday night and a packed auditorium …

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