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More Kids at the Creation Museum

Dinosaurs in the Doll House

A family from Florida recently sent us some photos as an encouragement to our entire AiG staff. The family’s 10-year-old and 7-year-old children reminisced about their visit to our Creation Museum and wanted to recreate the experience in a unique …

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It’s Certainly a Lot of Huff and Puff!

Recently, the Huffington Post website—which often unashamedly displays its anti-Christian agenda—posted an article titled “5 Things Kentucky Could Spend $73 Million On Instead Of A Fake Noah’s Ark.”  Before we move on to the text of the article …

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The Bible Is Not Like the “Telephone Game”

During the recent debate I had with Bill Nye “the Science Guy,” in commenting about the Bible, Mr. Nye claimed that the Bible came to us like a game of telephone. Well, I was so encouraged to learn about a …

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A Code of Ethics for the American Atheists?

AiG speaker, researcher, and writer Dr. Terry Mortenson wrote a blog post this week that I thought would be good for all of you to read.

Dr. Mortenson observes the following about the group American Atheists:

Over the years the

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God’s Word Honored and the Gospel Proclaimed

Although I’ve received an enormous amount of feedback since my recent debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” of TV fame, the overwhelming response has been thankfulness that God’s Word was honored and the gospel was presented clearly (watch the …

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Post-Debate Potpourri, Part Two

Adam in the Garden of Eden

Most of this week, I’ve been speaking in the Dominican Republic, where AiG had some wonderful outreach opportunities. During the week, Mark Looy—who set up my recent debate with TV’s Bill Nye “the Science Guy”—has been collecting various intriguing …

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Debate Encouragement from Children


Ever since we announced the debate between Bill Nye and me here at the Creation Museum on Tuesday, February 4, at 7:00 PM (ET), I’ve had an outpouring of encouraging Facebook posts, letters, and emails from supporters across the U.S. …

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Putting Hands Where Our Head and Heart Are Directed

Everyone who knows Answers in Genesis recognizes that we believe if people can hear the gospel presented in the context of biblical history, it will help them to truly understand not just what the gospel is but why they need …

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Burdened to Share the Gift

I hope you will have a blessed Christmas!

One of our family traditions at Christmas, as we freely give gifts to our close family and friends, is to remind each other of the free gift of salvation in Christ.

And …

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Is Ted Turner Going to Heaven?

I’m sure many of us have heard of Ted Turner, the founder of CNN. He is also well known for helping to bring bison back from the brink of extinction, for his restaurants that sell bison burgers, owning a baseball …

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