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Thousands of Creation Resources in Texas

This past Thursday evening through Saturday, I spoke at the homeschool conference in The Woodlands (Houston area), Texas. Over 6,000 people attended various aspects of the conference run by the Texas Home School Coalition, which included keynote presentations, workshops, …

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Suffer Little Children

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)

Over the past few weeks, I have spoken to thousands of parents at various homeschool …

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Houston Atheists’ Unprofessional Debate Challenge

This week I received an email from the Houston Atheists Association, challenging me to a debate while I’m at the Texas Homeschool Coalition Convention, August 1–3. Now, Mark Looy, CCO at Answers in Genesis and my longtime friend, has …

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California Here I Come—Again

Next month I will be flying back to southern California—where I used to live and often find myself doing speaking ministry—to keynote at a major homeschool convention. If you live in California or nearby states, then maybe you can make …

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Muslim More “Christian” Than Catholic Archbishop!

A top-rated national TV program in my homeland of Australia called “Q & A” this past Monday featured a panel consisting of the following:

  • The Roman Catholic archbishop of Brisbane, Australia
  • The founding director of the Griffith University Islamic Research

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A Distinctive Homeschool Meeting

We count it a privilege to have the opportunity to keynote homeschool conferences across the United States. AiG wants to equip parents to be able to train their children in biblical truths. You might already be aware that almost two-thirds …

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Full day in Phoenix

It was a busy first day at the Home Educators Convention in Phoenix yesterday.  Over 2000 were in the audience for the first Keynote when I gave a presentation on the importance of believing in a literal Genesis and not …

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Laser Beams and “Ape-men”

Here is the text of a press release sent out from AiG this week after we had a special dedication ceremony for the new “ape-man” exhibit that is now operating at the Creation Museum:

Laser beams seem to jump

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Answers Resources Ministering in Bulgaria

Last October, Dr. Terry Mortenson of our staff gave lectures in various places in Bulgaria. We have been thrilled to receive reports of the continuing positive impact of that visit. (In a future blog, we’ll report on Terry’s speaking opportunities …

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Homeschoolers Need to Be Very Discerning

Over the past few months, I have spoken at a number of homeschool conferences. Some homeschool conferences these days are being run mostly as a business venture, while others are being run primarily as a Christian ministry opportunity. At these …

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