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AiG Wins NRB Award

Answers in Genesis was thrilled to hear the news that it had won the “Best Television
Mixed Media Campaign Award” from the National Religious Broadcaster organization (NRB).

The NRB stated the following on its website:

Answers in Genesis (AiG) will

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AiG Website Grows in Popularity

AiG’s “mother” website and other sites belonging to AiG have had significant growth in 2010. You may be interested in these stats based on Google Analytics (which many sites use for traffic trending, although the numbers may not be exact.)…

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Intolerant People Opposing an AiG-backed Billboard

Many of you will be familiar with AiG’s “I am not ashamed” campaign. As part of this campaign, AiG designed a number of billboards to let the Bible speak for itself as it touches on some of the …

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Starting the Day with a Song

Our AiG staff had a real treat for our morning chapel yesterday, as dinosaur sculptor and singer Buddy Davis sang a number of songs from his new CD albums—I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ and Come

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Media Interest Continues

Media coverage of AiG and our museum has slowed down a bit (as expected) since the opening day of the Creation Museum in 2007, but still . . . below is what we have done just in the past three …

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Billboards Up in Pittsburgh!

One of our longtime supporters, Marc Jacobs—who has visited the Creation Museum many times (and has brought over 180 guests!)—is an executive with an energy exploration company (Penneco) based in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Marc is not only a big …

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First Online Video Bible Growing

For your interest, this is the press release AiG sent out to national media this week about our “I am not Ashamed” national campaign:

Campaign to Promote Biblical Authority Receives Popular Support as Audiences Respond to www.IAmNotAshamed.org

Since its launch

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Electronic Billboards Reaching Thousands

A group of dedicated Christians in our Greater Cincinnati area has pooled resources to sponsor the “I Am Not Ashamed” billboards on an electronic billboard located on the heavily travelled Interstate 75 just south of Cincinnati (but in northern Kentucky …

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Ex-Cincinnati Reds Player’s Radio Show

Frank Pastore was a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds about 30 years ago—until a major arm injury (his elbow was shattered when a batter hit a line-drive right back at him) shortened his career. He played just a few miles …

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“I Am Not Ashamed” Billboard in Atlanta

Ever since Answers in Genesis launched the www.iamnotashamed.org campaign, which included a TV spot last Sunday on 60 Minutes nationwide, we have received numerous enquiries across the country from people wanting to sponsor one or more of the “I …

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