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The End of an Era

A special friend—and fellow warrior in the battle for the hearts and minds of people—has gone to his eternal reward.

Dr. Duane Gish, former senior vice president of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), went home to be with the …

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Reunions at the Museum

Pals Meet at the Creation Museum

The Creation Museum served as a meeting point recently for a couple of pen pals who had been corresponding for more than 40 years but had never met in person. Ron is from Indiana …

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Creation and Earth History Museum—Southern California

A number of years ago, the Institute for Creation Research was located in Santee, California (east of San Diego). They built a small but very good Creation and Earth History Museum based on a literal understanding of the book of …

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A Special 90-Year-Old

While in San Diego yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting up with an old friend—known as the world’s most famous creation debater, Dr. Duane Gish.

I had the honor of working alongside Dr. Gish when I worked with the …

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Pioneer Scientist Tours the Creation Museum

While I was away, one of the pioneers in biblical, catastrophist geology—whose research we have used quite frequently—toured the Creation Museum this week. Dr. Steven Austin, who was on the staff of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) for several …

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Andrew Snelling on Research Activities at Answers in Genesis

You’ve probably heard the claim by many evolutionists that creationists do no real research—and are not qualified. Of course, creation groups like the Institute for Creation Research and the Creation Research Society have been doing solid research for many decades.…

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