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A Tsunami of Reminder

One of the points of contention between young-earth creationists and those who believe in an old earth is the global Flood of Noah’s day. If someone who believes the Bible wants to declare that the earth is billions of years …

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Thousands Hear AiG Message at Chino Hills

Thanks to Pastor Jack Hibbs for inviting Dr. Jason Lisle and me to speak at Calvary Chapel of Chino Hills (California) over the past two days. On Sunday morning, between 6000-7000 people attended the three morning services, then the around …

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Homeschoolers Coming by the Thousands

Attention homeschoolers in the Midwest! Don’t miss the Midwest Homeschool Convention in our Cincinnati region on April 8–10, 2010, at the Duke Energy Convention Center in downtown Cincinnati—just 25 minutes away from the Creation Museum. The event will attract …

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AiG at Liberty University


On Friday morning at 10:00 a.m., I will be addressing over 11,000 students at the Vine Center at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, for their morning convocation. You can find out more from the AiG calendar. Please pray for …

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