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“N” Is for “Nazarene”

I urge you to pray for believers in Iraq.

At times with these posts, I have been encouraging you to read blog posts written by someone outside of AiG because I consider the content important.

Today, I would like to …

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Hank Hanegraaff Falsely Accuses Me on National Radio

On the nationwide Bible Answer Man broadcast on May 27, host Hank Hanegraaff falsely accused me of teaching something I never have and, in fact, have repeatedly stated the exact opposite. Now, some people will ask if I have personally …

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Did Jesus Have a Wife?

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably heard with great fanfare the discovery of a fragment of a papyrus text that allegedly offers evidence that Jesus was married. Now, there is nothing in Scripture to support the idea that …

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Which Jesus Do You Really Believe In?

Since we just celebrated the birth of Jesus during the Christmas holidays, I thought right now would be a great time to remind you of an excellent message that we recently released on DVD. It features my brother Steve Ham, …

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To the World He Was Seen as Illegitimate

“He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world did not know him” (John 1:10).

This is a guest blog post by AiG board of directors vice-chairman, Tony Biller. Please go to this link

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Santa at the Creation Museum?

Now I knew that headline would get your attention. Yes, we do have Santa at the Creation Museum—well sort of!

As we are holding eight special days of Christmas celebrations at the Creation Museum called Christmas Town, we have created …

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What Is a “Red Letter” Edition of the Bible?

While up in Canada on Monday, I saw a TV program where a book (written about “red letter” editions of the Bible) was being advertised that dealt with what was called the specific “words of Jesus” in the Bible. Many …

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It’s an Attack on the Son

On Monday, we posted my lead AiG Answers Update newsletter article for November. The article is entitled, “It’s an Attack on the Son.” I particular deal with those Christians who compromise billions of years (old universe/earth) with the Bible’s clear …

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The Miracle Baby!

Terry was an agnostic (but really more like an atheist), living in my homeland of Australia.  His marriage was falling apart.  He was a friend of my brother Stephen.  Stephen used a “creation evangelism” approach to construct a course to …

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Spectacular New Dinosaur Book

Master Books has just produced what they believe is the best children’s book they’ve ever published—Dinosaurs for Kids.

The artwork in this book is absolutely spectacular.

Based on the 7 C’s we are using in our Creation Museum

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