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Deadly Disclosures Goes Epub

Some time ago, I recommended a fiction book called Deadly Disclosures, by author Julie Cave. Here is what I said about it at the time:

Through the genre of a thrilling, “nail-biting” mystery book (that I think you won’t

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Mysteries with a Powerful Message

A lot of people enjoy watching mysteries on television—Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot, and so on. If you love a good mystery and at the same time love the message of Answers in Genesis, I encourage you to obtain …

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Thousands Have Been Impacted in Florida

There were four church services, an apologetics meeting, four school assemblies, and four general conference sessions that made it a very busy weekend and Monday at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale (in Florida). Many thousands of children, adults and teens were …

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Murder Mystery at a Museum

No, not at our Creation Museum! It’s the theme of a new novel released by my friend Julie Cave called Deadly Disclosures. It’s become a hot seller within the AiG ministry (as of yesterday, it was our second-most popular …

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Putting Down a Book

. . . in a good sense, that is!

I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I’m not a real fan of fiction books—they have to be real exciting to hold my interest. But my Australian friend Julie Cave succeeded …

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Deadly Disclosures

I’m not one for reading fiction books—and they would have to be extremely exciting to keep me interested.  When special Australian friends, Terry and Julie Cave, sent me a copy of the manuscript of Julie’s first book—a mystery novel—I thought …

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Deadly Disclosures: Fiction with a Difference

Many people tell us that they sometimes find it hard to read a non-fiction book (e.g., on science topics) and that they prefer novels instead. Some people would rather watch DVDs, listen to our radio program, or take …

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