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Sad Atheist Legacy

What kind of legacy does an atheist leave for his children? Well, not a very encouraging one, according to a recent news report from the Christian Post. The report highlighted one atheist’s attempt to share some of man’s supposed …

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40 Years and Counting!

Four AiG couples celebrated 40 years of marriage at last night’s special “Legacy of Love” dinner inside the Creation Museum’s appropriately named “Legacy Hall.” Here are some photos of the evening:

Here is my wife Mally being presented with flowers …

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A “High Five” Weekend

This past Memorial Day weekend was the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Creation Museum. We praise the Lord for this milestone. We were thrilled to see record crowds at the museum for this weekend. From Friday through …

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A Burden to Serve in Bible Translation

I thought it would be good today to highlight a special graduate. Answers in Genesis speaker and writer Dr. Tommy Mitchell and his wife Liz (who also writes for AiG) recently were thrilled to attend the graduation of their daughter …

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Do Not Lay Up Treasures on Earth

This past weekend, the following Scripture came to mind:

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither

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The Importance of a Spiritual Legacy

Tonight our time in the USA, a memorial service will be held in Australia for the father of AiG’s full time geologist, Dr. Andrew Snelling. Andrew and his wife Kym have been on an emotional “roller coaster” over the past …

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My Favorite Museum Exhibit

I often get asked what I consider my favorite Creation Museum exhibit to be.  So I start mentioning my favorite exhibits—and end up listing all the exhibits!  But really, there is one exhibit that to me stands out above all …

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Unique Way to Use VBS

Of course, the primary time to use a Vacation Bible School (VBS) curriculum is the summer. But creative-thinking churches are adapting it for uses beyond the summer.

For a special children’s church services at Calvary Baptist Church in northern Kentucky, …

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