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The Naysayers

AiG billboard in Times Square

Well AiG’s new billboard outreach to atheists has certainly prompted a huge response.

There were those who mocked, of course, even using vile and blasphemous language on my Facebook page and through emails that have come into our offices.  Many …

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It’s Both Good and Bad

Ken interviewed by rabbi-in-training

Almost every day I could write a blog item about a media interview that I have conducted over the phone or done in person at the Creation Museum. Some of these interviews are so interesting that I like to …

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Can “Christianity Today’s” Research Be Trusted?

It’s the magazine that describes itself as the publication “Christian leaders everywhere trust.” Well, we’ll put that claim to the test in an instance that involves AiG, our Creation Museum, and the future Ark Encounter.

In the current …

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More Media Coverage of the Museum

The Creation Museum has been open now for six years (incredible to believe), and one thing that continues to surprise me is the number of media representatives who continue to drop by. Recently, it was an international reporter with the

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We Are Publicly Challenging Bill Nye to a Debate

You may have been following the fascinating YouTube exchange involving TV personality Bill Nye (of the PBS–TV series for young people called Bill Nye the Science Guy) and our AiG ministry. After AiG had posted two YouTube rebuttals to …

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If You Get the Drift

When I was in Northern Ireland earlier this month, we noticed that a brief movie review appeared in a newspaper just to the south of us in the Republic of Ireland. The Irish Times on August 10 offered a brief …

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Never a Dull Moment

At AiG and the Creation Museum, we often have the privilege to sit under the teaching of Christian leaders. Some of us also get to meet members of the media and other interesting visitors from around the world. This past …

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Wow—What a Feature Article!

Just a few weeks ago, we welcomed Dr. Gerald Harris, editor of The Christian Index (www.christianindex.org) to Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. The Christian Index is the state paper for Southern Baptists in Georgia, with …

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The Ark Is News in Bangkok

You may recall a few weeks ago that the Associated Press syndicated a news article about developments concerning our full-size Noah’s Ark, which will be built in northern Kentucky. We’ve seen the AP article appear in several international and national …

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International Press on the Ark Encounter

This past Friday, a reporter and a photographer from Stockholm, Sweden, were here at the Creation Museum to write an article about the museum and the future full-size Noah’s Ark at the Ark Encounter attraction south of the museum. The …

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