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A Secular Media Article—and It Is Accurate!

On rare occasions, we do come across an article in the secular media about the AiG ministry that is accurate. This week, we were pleased to read an article in Cincy magazine that was well written, and it accurately reported …

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Will NBC and New York Times—and Other Media—Retract Their False Reports?

AiG hopes that NBC’s Meet the Press, the New York Times, and other major media (e.g., the Huffington Post) will retract their completely false reports on how our Ark’s construction is being funded and let people know that …

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Media and Ministries to Share with You

Pastor Peter LaRuffa

I sometimes use this blog to share some of the behind-the-scenes activities at the Creation Museum and AiG, including mentioning some of the media outlets that continue to drop by, tour the museum, and interview us. On just one upcoming …

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A Post on the Post Has It All Wrong!

At yesterday’s staff meeting, I shared why the new Noah film should not be promoted by Christians.

The Washington Post, along with the New York Times, is considered the most influential newspaper in the USA. But you can’t necessarily believe what you read there, including a recent post by a Post blogger. The blogger claimed …

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It’s Certainly a Lot of Huff and Puff!

Recently, the Huffington Post website—which often unashamedly displays its anti-Christian agenda—posted an article titled “5 Things Kentucky Could Spend $73 Million On Instead Of A Fake Noah’s Ark.”  Before we move on to the text of the article …

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More Evolutionary Fiction

Aquarium Guide

The Delaware Museum of Natural History in the USA has a new exhibit on evolution, and it aims to convince children that evolutionary ideas are true. The museum’s exhibit called “Charlie & Kiwi’s Evolutionary Adventure” assumes that dinosaurs …

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Post-Debate Potpourri, Part Two

Adam in the Garden of Eden

Most of this week, I’ve been speaking in the Dominican Republic, where AiG had some wonderful outreach opportunities. During the week, Mark Looy—who set up my recent debate with TV’s Bill Nye “the Science Guy”—has been collecting various intriguing …

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Post-Debate Potpourri, Part One

Debate stage

For the past few days I’ve been away speaking in the Dominican Republic (having a wonderful time of ministry there, as I wrote yesterday). Meanwhile, Mark Looy of our staff, who organized last week’s creation/evolution debate with Bill Nye …

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What Are People Saying About the Debate?

Since my debate with Bill Nye on February 4, there have been numerous articles and criticisms published about our presentations. Some have tried to declare a winner, others have said that Mr. Nye should never have come to the debate, …

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Last-Minute Updates on the Debate Tomorrow with Bill Nye

Tom Foreman of CNN

Here is a section of a news release that we are distributing nationwide to the media today. It’s about Tuesday’s evolution/creation debate I am having with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” here at the Creation Museum:

“Science Guys” Garner Huge

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