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Evolution Weekend in Churches—An Atheist’s Fizzle

This weekend is “Evolution Weekend” or so proclaims atheist Michael Zimmerman. This atheist has been working with certain clergy to influence church and culture to believe evolution and millions of years. But is this project really that successful? Who are …

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Religion Professor Accuses AiG of Teaching a “False Gospel”

Dr. James F. McGrath is the associate professor of religion at Butler University (Indianapolis, Indiana ).  This university is home to the Clergy Letter Project founder,  Prof. Michael Zimmerman—an atheist who gets  pastors to sign a letter supporting evolution and …

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The Rest of the Story—Exposing Misquotes by an Atheist Professor 

Recently on the highly trafficked website of The Huffington Post, Dr. Michael Zimmerman (biology professor at Butler University in Indiana), described as founder of the Clergy Letter Project, wrote a commentary for the site’s religion section entitled “The Danger

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