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The Secularization of a Christian College

Karl Giberson currently serves as an adjunct professor of writing, science, and religion at Stonehill College, a Roman Catholic liberal arts school near Boston. He is also former vice president of the BioLogos organization (known for promoting evolution to Christians), …

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Poll Shows Nazarene Scholars Embracing Evolution

Now, I’ve known for some time that the state of the Nazarene church on the issue of origins has not been very good. Sadly, more and more scholars at Nazarene colleges and universities have voiced their support of evolution and/or …

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Cosmos—Preaching Evolutionary Ideas, Not Science


Many of you have heard about or even watched the new Cosmos TV series hosted by evolutionist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, a medical doctor and AiG writer, has written a detailed review  of each of the 13 episodes …

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The Erosion of God’s Word—It’s Catastrophic!

I wrote recently about the new Gallup poll’s results on America’s beliefs regarding the origin of man. Well, more findings have been released, and I believe they illustrate what I’ve been pointing out for over 30 years in my ministry.…

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Hank Hanegraaff Falsely Accuses Me on National Radio

On the nationwide Bible Answer Man broadcast on May 27, host Hank Hanegraaff falsely accused me of teaching something I never have and, in fact, have repeatedly stated the exact opposite. Now, some people will ask if I have personally …

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Don’t Miss This Great Time of Teaching

1402_answersforpastors_header (1)

Pastors and Christian leaders are called to a good work, and it is a task that Scripture, of course, takes seriously. The Bible states, “If a man desires the position of a bishop, he desires a good work” (1 Timothy …

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Hear—the Lie!


The updated, revised, and expanded edition of my bestselling book The Lie: Evolution was released in 2012—and there is no doubt that the message is even more relevant now than it was 25 years ago! Certainly the warnings concerning what …

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Pat Robertson: Surely His Colleagues at Regent University Have to Groan!

Pat Robertson has voiced his opposition to the Bible’s history in Genesis once again, by personally attacking young-earth creationists with name calling. In a recent episode of CBN’s 700 Club, Robertson claims, “The truth is, you have to be …

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So Burdened About Christian Colleges

I am so burdened when I think of the thousands and thousands of students who attend Christian colleges like Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan—students who are being influenced at such schools to undermine the authority of Scripture in many …

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An Amazing Moment

The entrance to the Rawlings Foundation facility

I have been speaking in the Dominican Republic (an island nation in the Caribbean Sea) since Sunday. The last teaching session is Tuesday evening, where about 3,000 people are expected to be in attendance.

My main reason for coming to …

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