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So Burdened About Christian Colleges

I am so burdened when I think of the thousands and thousands of students who attend Christian colleges like Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan—students who are being influenced at such schools to undermine the authority of Scripture in many …

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An Amazing Moment

The entrance to the Rawlings Foundation facility

I have been speaking in the Dominican Republic (an island nation in the Caribbean Sea) since Sunday. The last teaching session is Tuesday evening, where about 3,000 people are expected to be in attendance.

My main reason for coming to …

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Will Bill Nye “embarrass believers by making short work of Ken Ham”?

A minister for New Song Church, a new church plant in Kingsport, Tennessee, who also is a monthly columnist for the religion section of the Kingsport Times newspaper, wrote a blog post about my upcoming debate with Bill Nye. …

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Promoting Evolution to Spanish-Speaking People

Recently, AiG was thrilled to announce that as part of our worldwide ministry outreach, we now have a full-time Spanish speaker and translator. We also have been fervently producing a number of our resources in Spanish, with …

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Are There Two Kinds of Truth?

Six Days cover

The website Big Think hosts videos and blog posts from thinkers about big ideas, such as space exploration, genetics, virtualization, and other topics. Now, Big Think has interviewed a series of people hostile to biblical creation, such as Bill Nye

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Six Days—A Challenge for the Church

Six Days book cover

I’m very happy to share with you that my newest book Six Days: The Age of the Earth and the Decline of the Church is now in stock and available for purchase through our web store. Now, this is a …

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Happy Reformation Day!

Today people across America are walking through their neighborhoods exclaiming, “Trick or treat!” and “Happy Halloween!” But we at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum encourage you to think about Reformation Day instead.

Below is an insightful article by …

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A CRC Congregation That Defends a Literal Genesis

Recently, I wrote a blog post about an article that appeared in The Banner, the official magazine of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC). Edwin Walhout, a retired Christian Reformed Church minister, wrote an article titled “Tomorrow’s Theology” in which …

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New Book Challenges the Church and Christian Leaders


Well—it was a struggle with all my traveling, speaking, and conducting CEO duties at AiG and Creation Museum, but I finally finished a new book that I believe will be as impacting as my book The Lie and also my …

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Thousands of Creation Resources in Texas

Texas Homeschool Coalition conference auditorium

This past Thursday evening through Saturday, I spoke at the homeschool conference in The Woodlands (Houston area), Texas. Over 6,000 people attended various aspects of the conference run by the Texas Home School Coalition, which included keynote presentations, workshops, …

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