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Biblical Creation Ministry to Arabic-Speaking Peoples

Recently Dr. Terry Mortenson (AiG–U.S.) returned from a series of speaking engagements in the UK. While there he was able to spend time with my good friends, Drs.  Nagy and Nashwa Iskander—Egyptian-born doctors now living in Scotland. (For more information …

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TrueLife Videos

Recently I joined Christian leaders like Dr. Johnny Hunt (former president of the Southern Baptist Convention and a good friend of AiG) and others to record videos for a unique Christian website, www.TrueLife.org. Through videos presented online and elsewhere, …

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Jesus Created Ministries

Since we opened the Creation Museum over five years ago (hard to believe!), many people have traveled here from the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area to tour our 75,000-square-foot museum—more than 700 miles away. One of the reasons we’re seeing so many …

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What to Do When the Storms Come

Yesterday, the AiG staff had the privilege of hearing a message by Pastor Fred Luter, from Franklin Ave Baptist Church in New Orleans. Pastor Luter’s church building and home were all but destroyed in the massive flooding as a result …

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A Heart for Homeschooling

This past week I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the national radio program Home School Heartbeat, produced by the Home School Legal Defense Association. The HSLDA is a nonprofit group that defends the rights of families to …

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What Profit Is It to a Man?

“For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (Matthew 16:26)

What have Steve Jobs and a professor of Computer Science have in common?

One of the members of the …

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Goodbye to Some Ministry Friends

I wanted you to pray for the Norberg family this week. Its patriarch, Frank, passed away on May 18. Many of Frank’s family members are good friends of the AiG ministry, as was Frank himself. In fact, Frank’s son Jeff—who …

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