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A Code of Ethics for the American Atheists?

AiG speaker, researcher, and writer Dr. Terry Mortenson wrote a blog post this week that I thought would be good for all of you to read.

Dr. Mortenson observes the following about the group American Atheists:

Over the years the

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More Christianity-Mocking Atheist Billboards


A recent article in the Christian Post website reports that some rejected atheist billboards will now run in the Vancouver (Canada) metro system, as well as on one billboard. The article states the following:

An atheist advertising campaign that was

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The Billboard Battle

"Thank God You

Yesterday marked the beginning of our new billboard campaign to reach atheists on both coasts of America. Residents and tourists in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area (and in a few days, Los Angeles and Hollywood) will …

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Is Monogamy Unnatural?

The moral decay continues in our Western culture! As shown again with the recent Supreme Court decisions regarding same-sex “marriage,” there has been a rise in the number of people promoting polygamous lifestyles and behavior.

Recently, CNN featured an opinion

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Where Is the USA Heading?

Often in my public talks, I point to the United Kingdom as an example of where the U.S. could be headed as our increasingly secularized culture  gives up the authority of the Word of God. Well, a recent report in …

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Boy Scouts in Worldview Clash!

The difference between what is Christian and what is not is widening in America. The chasm between the two has been increasing rapidly. This widening is really a manifestation of a clash between two worldviews—one that consists of Christian morality, …

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Responding to False Claims

AiG’s Creation Museum is being challenged once again by the secularists, this time in the renowned magazine Scientific American.1 A guest columnist reports he visited the museum recently. Jacob Tanenbaum, a fourth and fifth grade science teacher, wrote …

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USA Will Become Like the UK—The Battle for the Culture

The battle for the culture in the UK (United Kingdom) continues to be lost from a Christian perspective! A recent article reported that Prime Minister David Cameron came out in support of same-sex couples being able to marry in …

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Morality Didn’t Evolve

According to a prominent secularist, “We only live once. … So why not try to be nice to each other?” Michael De Dora is the director of the Center for Inquiry’s Office of Public Policy. This organization is “dedicated to …

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Humanist Group Says Kids Are “Good Without God”

Well, in case you didn’t see my blog post announcing the new theme for Answers in Genesis over the next two years, here it is:

Standing Our Ground—Rescuing Our Kids (Galatians 1:4)

And our new ministry theme came not a …

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