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House of Representatives Members Promoting Darwin Day

Some members of the House of Representatives are working with a well-known atheistic organization, the American Humanist Association (AHA). Now keep in mind the AHA describes their beliefs this way:

Humanism encompasses a variety of nontheistic views (atheism, agnosticism, rationalism,

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“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future!”

The Wall Street Journal recently reported the results of a new study, which suggested that schools shouldn’t wait until students are teenagers to teach evolutionary ideas. Rather, they should start in kindergarten.

Now, this article’s main point is that younger …

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Birds Produce Wings—Evolution?

A recent article from the UK’s Daily Mail declared, “Swallows are evolving shorter wings because they keep getting hit by traffic.” Now, the article explains the results of a recent study from the journal Current Biology. The study examined …

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Bill Nye “The Science Guy” Doesn’t Really Understand Science

Last year I wrote a blog about Bill Nye (from the well-known TV program, Bill Nye the Science Guy) being presented the “Humanist of the Year” award.

Well, on PopularMechanics.com, Bill Nye was interviewed about the teaching of evolution …

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Admissions of an Evolutionist

A blogger who attended the paleontology conference in Cincinnati recently and also visited our nearby Creation Museum with the group of secular scientists, wrote in his blog report:

The second point was that you shouldn’t underestimate the argument from personal

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A Professor’s Falsehoods and Poor Research

I do not write this blog item assuming I can reach a certain professor and change his mind (which would take the work of the Lord)—nor do I write it to attack this man, an associate professor at the University …

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