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New Star at the Creation Museum

Here is the text of a news release we distributed to the media nationwide yesterday:


Museum Unveils Well-Equipped Observatory

As the Creation Museum approaches its 5th anniversary in May, the museum’s latest high-tech addition

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A Special Dedication

This past Friday, we had a very special event at the Creation Museum. We invited the AiG supporters who donated to the new observatory project to come for dinner and an observatory dedication.While they were visiting with us, we …

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Observing the Observatory Construction

I shared with you two weeks ago that we opened a new high-tech exhibit inside the Creation Museum. In the exhibit, Dr. David Menton can be seen on a video, speaking on the topic of homology, humans, and apes …

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Observatory Update

After a two-month delay due to some bad weather, the observatory project is now well underway here on the grounds of the Creation Museum.

Our concrete contractor has dug the foundation and has poured the foundation walls and the …

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