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BioLogos vs. Bible-Based Apologetics

BioLogos, an organization that seeks to teach Christians that evolutionary ideas are supposedly compatible with Scripture, continues to try to influence families toward giving up a historical Genesis. A recent article appeared on the BioLogos website written by Praveen Sethupathy, …

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Do Young-Earth Creationists “Mess Up”?

Many of you likely heard about the recent controversy over football player Tim Tebow’s bowing out of speaking at First Baptist Church in Dallas. Now, I was greatly encouraged by Pastor Robert Jeffress’s stand in defense of the biblical definition …

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Has Noah’s Ark Really Been Found?

In recent months, there has been a claim that the remains of Noah’s Ark were found on Mt. Ararat. For many reasons, AiG was extremely skeptical when the announcement was made. Since that time, AiG geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling has …

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Maligned by Ken Ham?

Compromising Nazarene Professor Wants Unity around Man’s Word Not God’s Word

Karl Giberson, professor at Eastern Nazarene College and vice president of the extremely liberal BioLogos Foundation has written an article on the BioLogos website about the new book he …

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Typical Distortion

We have become accustomed to all sorts of secular bloggers (and even some Christian bloggers) misrepresenting the Creation Museum or Answers in Genesis. Here is just another terrible example. This person wrote the headline, “10 Creepiest Displays At The Creationist …

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Do Old Earthers and Young Earthers Agree on Anything?

Recently, a blogger commented on my recent blog post about a religion professor at Butler University and his testimony of how he became a “born-again Christian.”  Frankly, I saw little evidence in this professor’s testimony that he in any way …

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